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  1. ataraxia

    new rs

    I had mine done in a group buy and been running it for over a year now. Extra torque is actually welcome for daily driving. The extra power is fun and intoxicating. I personally had a few issues arise after my tune. From what ended up being the problems it was not the tune at fault or at least directly at fault. I would suggest going with a local person who can adjust your tune as required especially if you plan on modding further. You could live without a tune happily in my opinion though.
  2. ataraxia

    RS 265 Sport Mode

    What do you mean by choking? Do you mean getting bunny hops during gear changes? Have you change the pedal mapping for sports mode? by default it is super aggressive, I changed mine to progressive.
  3. ataraxia

    2013 Rs265 Cup Or 2013 Rs265 Redbull Rb8?

    Depends on your preference for non go fast parts but mechanically they are the same. Personally I would go the CUP and buy a set of 18" with semi slicks for track days. Or if your more inclined for tuning some go fast mods.
  4. ataraxia

    R.s.01S To Australia

    Wow! whats the car like vs others and why did you choose the RS01?
  5. ataraxia

    Rs265 Newbie.

    Welcome Jall, Reliability is relative and depends how long you intent to keep the car for. Less than 5 years and the warranty is there if over 5 years ive seen toyota corollas have problems within 8 years. As long as you take it to a good mechanic they can keep you on the road. Resale is based on reputation and Renault's is getting better every year. In the end you put money down so your basically locked in so enjoy the ride because we all are
  6. ataraxia

    Another Old Member Back Again With Clio!

    Its an interesting look. I would say the Renault yellow may suit better or if you had some highlights of orange in other places it would look very cool.
  7. ataraxia

    New Renault Megane Rs 275 Trophy Owner

    Pretty much exactly how I felt and same situation. Welcome to the club also what colour?
  8. ataraxia

    New Owner From Sa

    Hehe you forgot to paintshop the first photo
  9. ataraxia

    My Car Finally Arrived. Megane Rs 265 Cup.

    I changed the pedal response curve when on rs. Makes the car feel alive when you hit that magical button.
  10. ataraxia

    Megane Rs Cup Premium 275 - Negotiation Time!

    Looks like the Ohlins are an option. "The limited-edition car can be specified with optional adjustable Öhlins Road & Track dampers with steel springs." Anyone know how much the option is and if it can be fit as aftermarket?
  11. ataraxia

    Help With Megane Rs, Appreciated.

    I have the 19" on cup premium 265. Honestly its pretty stiff after 6 months of owning. Ive seen alot of people opt for the 18s and find them a good. I'll live with the harshness for the road feel personally. Recaro's are pretty tough to get out of but in the twisties they hold you tight and they look cool. Price wise new, your probably looking at the advertised price drive away instead of all the dealer costs. They told me they dont make any money off the car sale but who knows if thats true. I you might get more of a discount now that the new variant and new model has been revealed. I think wikipedia can tell you the difference between the megane rs variants https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%A9gane_Renault_Sport Things i dont like include the radio and the panels are hard to wax because of the gaps.
  12. Welcome to the club. What do you notice are the biggest difference between the two? Both good and bad?
  13. ataraxia

    New Member - Brett Watson - Rs265 Cup Premium

    Welcome! How are you finding the car? and why did you choose megane rs?
  14. ataraxia

    Hi... Another Newbie Here :-)

    Congrats, what colour?
  15. ataraxia

    Expecting Soon Rs 265 In Sydney

    Just a few more days. I cant wait i can barely sleep.