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  1. Rs 265 hatch rust?

    Seems to only be available to European Reno owners. Can't find Aussie version.
  2. G'day From A New Addict - 1st things?

    I did it at pace a few years ago in a SW20 MR2 chasing other like cars on a CAMS sanctioned rally. Oversteer on most corners going up, most fun I have had since my honeymoon.
  3. Buying Used: 2015 Clio RS 200 Sport

    Good price...don't worry about negative comments. Any car new or old can have issues and you still have a couple of years warranty left. I have never had any real dramas with mine...
  4. Owner of new 220 trophy

    Just in case you are unaware where the missing door seals should be, the missing front door ones are at the bottom of the doors and you will probably see the holes in the metal where they should have been clipped in. The missing back door ones run right around the door from where the top seals finish at the rear base of the window to the end of the door base or leading edge at the bottom of the door. Don't let them give you their normal bulldust about some cars being assembled without them etc. etc. The back door ones in particular prevent dust and water entering the cabin. If they argue the point quote Stromlo's case where he had his missing ones supplied There is an extensive thread on this here somewhere as you probably know...
  5. Owner of new 220 trophy

    Yep Dan...go direct to Renault, Australia re door seals and once you receive them if you are confident enough fit them yourself or get your friendly panel beater to do it professionally.
  6. Potential Clio RS200 EDC Owner

    Mine doesn't 'clunk' when downshifting....maybe a little sometimes when upshifting under hard acceleration in manual Sport or Race mode
  7. Potential Clio RS200 EDC Owner

    Probably because the boffins at Renault think that the DCT computer knows more about ideal downshift times than we do...
  8. Saying hello after some lurking

    Sorry....I think I misunderstood you SSBB. You were referring to the facelift for the latest 220 model over the first 220 model? I so, what Chuck said and torque rise from 260 nm. to 280 nm. I believe.
  9. Potential Clio RS200 EDC Owner

    No issues in my case after 3 years + and 33,000 km. Many complain about the EDC gearbox but it's more a case of getting used to it.
  10. Saying hello after some lurking

    Bigger turbo, 20 more horses (15kw), extra 40 torques compared to the early Clio IV, more responsive gearbox, better steering wheel paddles, firmer suspension, minor cosmetic changes. Strangely ths 220 is only a little quicker than the 200 in straight line acceleration however I imagine the extra torque would certainly be noticeable particularly on the track.
  11. Saying hello after some lurking

    Trophy 220 is a better car but downside is that the ride is even firmer than the 200 Cup. Well worth the extra $7k or so though if you mainly use it as a weekender and for occasional track work.
  12. Help please

    It's a private sale and I presume it has no warranty. If he won't let you test drive it if you have indicated to him that you are keen to buy I would steer clear
  13. Gone French (RS Clio 200 Cup)

    That's correct due to the lower profile tyres on the Cup.
  14. Hi from the UK

    A lot of us have learnt to live with this buzz on coarse roads with our 200/220's. Quite common and I wouldn't let a dealer near it....not in Australia anyway.... Incidentally the 220 model did not come to Australia til 2016....different in the UK?
  15. thinking about getting a clio rs20

    Simple answer is Yep...