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  1. Hi there, I've tried Pm but it didnt work. I believe you're the best person to ask about this since not a lot of people have pushed their clios up to where you are. Have you tried or thought about going water meth? I have done dump pipe down pipe filter wagner intercooler and all that, was wondering if the turbo or internals will handle that much more power? 

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      Just seen this, I am on messenger under Ian Willacy, I have not even considered water meth as to me it is not full proof. I like to build my cars for all round use and it to be easy, I dont want to switch between maps as when I am driving if I see an opportunity to pass I dont want to have to think about anything it is just press and go, water meth is like umm better not pass because will I have enough to last me and if it runs out I wont have the power etc etc. Currently I am running 280 bhp and 280 ftlb of torque this is fine and the engine and my turbo build are perfectly happy at those levels. There is more in their but any more will cost a lot of money for little gains. I built my own turbo and we have good low speed response, reasonable high speed power, but importantly the car is a quick B road car, fun to drive good on petrol and reliable.


      if you want any advise I am all ears.