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  1. A lot to be said for ^^, ie https://is.gd/ISlrYx or at least go through the Forum For Sale section and find something you like. This forum is where you find the Enthusiast's cars. Not just randoms that don't know much about the cars they drive. Also, there's some particularly good service places that Enthusiasts here use that aren't K-Mart Tyre & Service. What that means is that tiny niggles are fixed well. As you can see from the topics on this forum, so many of the cars run without significant problems. There's a reason for that. You'll find more things wrong with cars on the Honda forum :-). Many cars here are sold here because Owners want to move up to newer models. This makes for good buying opportunities. So I suggest you buy something you like off this site fwiw.
  2. clixx-io

    Renault Virgin

    Be careful you get a Renault and not a Fiat or Alfa-Romeo. All those foreign languages sound sortof the same but they do have different words. Take care and choose carefully. The three most desirable features appear to be: - Recaro Seats - Bi-Xenon Headlights - your favourite colour. So once again, avoid Fiats and Alfa's - because they either break down or look funny.
  3. clixx-io

    Megane Iv Gt

    Now I'm thoroughly confused. Because it's a 4WS car, will that occur at the front or the back ?
  4. clixx-io

    Megane Iv Gt

    Another option that will be known to many hear is get the disc's heat treated. Here is the long and complicated process about how to convert common rust (FeO(OH), Fe(OH)3) to something more stable. Come to an OzRenaultSport track day at Wakefield Part and burn the buggers till the rust goes back to far away in the universe from where it came. My brake discs are 14 years old, not a sceric of rust. Each to their own though. Appropriate driving will stabilise the discs with appropriate heating and cooling cycles. I'll just leave my video of what I meant: Come when you are satisfied that your engine is bedded in. Welcome, and jokes aside the rust will pass.
  5. Welcome, all the 2.0 16V Turbo's are actually Meganes. WHy not post a picture?
  6. clixx-io

    Megane Gt

    I see where you're coming from. Well, maybe you would be able to find a nice used RS 250/265 at one of the Renault Dealers in Australia using either Carsales or this link on the Renault Site ==> http://approvedused.renault.com.au/ Just take the Megane GT-Line in and trade up. A few people here tend to buy interstate to get the vehicle that they want, if that's any assistance. Try to get the colour and options that you want.
  7. clixx-io

    First Renault Car

    Of course, it's 5-doors and has Auto Who knows what will pop up yet. The engine is Nissan based and they've had it in production in the Jukes and Clio's and nothing has really come up. The Gearbox is German so it's possible some small things might come up but no big problems are expected. Renault have been jumping to fix issues pretty quickly there so nothing to really worry about there either really. Let us know how the infotainment system is. Minor problems with the Bluetooth has been mentioned on the older Megane-3 RS's, but nothing major. The 4Control system has been in Europe on the Laguna's for a while and existed in Japan from the late '90s. It's not really known to be troublesome. I think just jealousy from the other owners is the big problem and looking forward to seeing you at a track or drive day once you are comfortable that the engine is worn in and you are used to the car. The run-in period is much less for these because they have nano-coated cylinder walls so hopefully it won't be a long wait.
  8. clixx-io

    Megane Gt

    It might be a "GT Line" rather than the straight "GT". A GT-Line is still a GT, but I'm guessing here and happy to be corrected.
  9. clixx-io

    Megane Gt

    Hi Hobz, This is a really good place to find a Clio RS, because the best loved Clio's are most likely to be on this forum. Have a look in the 'For Sale' section, there's some really good Clio's there.
  10. Most people hunt just around for the colour and features that they want. The more optioned up models are the ones to go for.
  11. Welcome. The Clio-IV Dual Clutches are total joy, especially if you get to experience them at the track. I'm a bit biased because I like Automatic transmissions myself. In traffic, I've seen a few being hammered and the drivers were definitely having some fun there. The Megane-III's are finished now and out of production. There is apparently a new model RS with the Dual-Clutch is somewhere late in it's development cycle ready for release but it's about 2-years late for release now. A few here that don't drive that much go for the manual Megane-III's and keep them because they are just special in lots of ways. They're pretty thick on French style and design. So there is no hurry for owners to bash them about and wear them out. The Clio-IVs are a bit more utilitarian. With Nissan mechanicals they designed for day-to-day hammering in traffic whatever and are probably a lot more comfortable for that purpose. Depends how much traffic you are fighting - the more the better. The community support for the Renaults here is vastly superior to what you'll ever find here for the pugs. I just follow along behind and watch what's in the traffic now and again.
  12. Wait, and you have to put the Automatic Transmission in 'D' and release the handbrake..
  13. FWD = 1 x of the front wheels is connected to the engine at any one time. RWD = 1 x of the back wheels is connected to the engine at any one time. AWD = 1 x front wheel + 1 x back wheel is connected to the engine but it's usually the just the wheels that are in the air and not any of the ones that are in contact with the ground get the connection. First world problems = Marketing Speak. The marketing department make up all the names for the technical terms.
  14. The one with the bonnet open that overheated on a Renault drive day? imo it went really quick when it was working. Have to say that Alfa-Romeo look like they are back in the game when it comes to making decent sports-cars or hot-hatches. It was nothing major that couldn't happen to any turbo car but I can't help resharing the funny photo.
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