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  1. sammi_jm

    Hi! 8:08 in the ACT

    Miss it already mate! Glad to see you guys got back safely - and congrats again!
  2. sammi_jm

    2013 Rs265 Cup Or 2013 Rs265 Redbull Rb8?

    Agree... There's a great one for sale on the forum too
  3. sammi_jm

    Clio 197 V 200 Race Car

    Likely hearsay but I remember hearing from somewhere that the 200 had stronger/thicker chassis bracing and or components, providing a more rigid chassis... May be something to ask someone in the UK that prepped the 197 and 200 cup cars...
  4. sammi_jm

    Anyone In Adl Know Anything About This Gordini 200?

    Absolutely agree, as long as there is photos of the damage and the full details of what has happened and been repaired. I contacted the owner of this one and she refused to tell me what really happened in the accident and used words like "but it looks brand new" and "it only had the front bar replaced". Yep cya bye.
  5. sammi_jm

    Anyone In Adl Know Anything About This Gordini 200?

    Yes! It had a front end collision and was a repairable write off. The front bar, bonnet, headlights have all been replaced. Do not touch it IMO!!!
  6. sammi_jm

    Renault Clio Rs 200 Cup ( Spoiler )

  7. sammi_jm

    Another Sa Newbie To Ozrs

    Welcome aboard! There is a track day @ Mallala on the 11th of Feb and I know of quite a few Clio's attending. More info on the our SA based fb page here... https://www.facebook.com/groups/renaultsport.sa/?fref=ts
  8. sammi_jm

    My First Renault; Tc's Pearl White 265 Cup Premium

    Love the white, congrats