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  1. chuckovski

    265 Cup Owner

    Yes delete that centre resonator!!
  2. They're overall pretty good cars. I've never owned a Megane II but it's the same engine as in the III AFAIK, and it's the turbo version of the Clio 4 cyl. So yes basically, echoing the sentiments of others: the question is who did the maintainence work (and upgrades) - if it was a good mechanic, go for it!
  3. Nice choice! I have to say the lights in the new RS models are awesome. Saw one in an underground parking station the other day. Fabulous. Perfect colour too!
  4. I don't know if the brakes from the cup would give you more confidence. Shame they weren't an optional extra for you. Could also be the extra weight the Megane IV has. I have to say there are a huge number of people who have a WRX (can't say the other letters, otherwise I feel like I'm making a comment about their sexual habits) and are amazed by awesome FWD cars such as the Megane. Those Subarus seem to be very overrated.
  5. Yes I'm amazed at how comfortable the ride is. Glad you're loving it!
  6. Lol, then take the car into a dealer for warranty work to fix the reversing camera, wheels, and seats [emoji4]
  7. Yes that's pretty good
  8. I think the are three reputable ones, I can only remember Virage and Alpine affair.
  9. No they came standard with the facelift 265 cup. Does yours have reversing camera? IIRC that's another difference.
  10. Oh and definitely do the centre resonator delete!
  11. The 275 premium and 275 trophy were the ones that came with the Akra exhaust. But the rest sounds like a 265 cup. Odd that RA would say that...
  12. Look it's probably not a big deal, but knowing how I treat rental/company cars I wouldn't want me driving an ex rental car I owned. If that makes any sense.Having said that every rental and company car I've driven have been naturally aspirated. If I had a turbo I would certainly do a few things differently. But would others? Would they flog it from cold? I don't know but probably. Would a private owner? Maybe, but less likely. In the end my 265 was a demo, and it was flawless. The engine, if looked after, is bullet proof. Warranty would probably cover you though if you're worried. You could ask the dealer too, but I don't know if they have to disclose who owned the car previously. If the deal was really good then you're not missing out IMHO. Also just make sure you treat it really well and get it serviced by a good mechanic and you'll be right. Then, enjoy!
  13. It could be an ex rental so check the books and other paperwork to see who did the servicing - often rental places do their own servicing and that gives it away.
  14. And it's cheap with a nice increase in sound Sent from my CPH1879 using Tapatalk
  15. Can't go wrong with Stanwell Tops, and a few other locations further south like mount Kiera, saddle back mountain, Kiama bends... Sent from my CPH1879 using Tapatalk
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