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  1. chuckovski

    RS265 or 275

    Also just an FYI, most dealers have no idea what they have. Take this for example: https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Renault-Megane-2015/OAG-AD-15615009 Not a cup premium. My best guess is it could be a 275 cup with the optional leather seats. The cup premium is something like this: https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Megane-2015/SSE-AD-5517016 Note the Recaro Sportster CS seats in alcantara. There's one closer to you but I don't know if they'll drop to your budget. Note complied 2016, so warranty until 2021! https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Megane-2015/SSE-AD-5465120
  2. chuckovski

    RS265 or 275

    Yes 265 cups with roughly 20-30K km on them with certain plates are usually ex-rentals. I.e. look for newly registered in the state (NSW is up to DX.....) because they were probably bought on auction in Perth and registered very recently locally. Just looking now at car sales the *edit* crap load of 2016 cup 275 with approx 40000km on them, possibly from the same dealer, bit suspicious. I know very few people who will drive their megane that many km privately!
  3. chuckovski

    Wanting some more noise!

    I have a sport 200, no change in performance (I haven't had it on the Dyno or anything though), no issues with droning etc. It's increased the fuel consumption but only because I love the sound so much! I'm thinking of removing the secondary cat (I think you only have one in the 220), reports that this also helps. Sports cat also would be very nice.
  4. chuckovski

    RS265 or 275

    Cool, what's your budget so we can keep an eye out for you?
  5. chuckovski

    RS265 or 275

    Isn't the question the difference between the facelifted 265 cup and 275 cup? If so, practically no difference. IIRC they are exactly the same, but the engine tune is slightly up to run the model out. Many of the 275 cup models came with factory optional leather seats too. Where are you located? I bought mine from the gold coast sight unseen, transported to NSW South of Sydney almost to my door for about $500. Shouldn't be any issue the other way around. I do have a 265 trophy+ with warranty if you're interested!
  6. chuckovski

    Log books

    That was quick! Photos yet?
  7. chuckovski

    Log books

    Yeah I agree Yes some service records are electronic, but normal is to have the actual manual filled in What's your budget and location? We can look out for you if any come up I've got a 265 for sale but with some serious enquires I'm starting to miss the car already, so I'm having second thoughts!
  8. chuckovski

    New to Renault Ownership

    Welcome! Photos?
  9. chuckovski

    Need some help!!!!!!!!

    You'd just have to get in writing what they'll do... I've had chats with Shannon's about these kinds of things and they're happy to email me what they say so I've got it in writing. You don't want a trophy+ by any chance? [emoji39]
  10. chuckovski

    Need some help!!!!!!!!

    I'm pretty sure this is a 275 Cup. I can't remember where I got this information from but I think the last lot of cup variants got the higher powered engine to run the model out. Redbook probably doesn't have anything like that listed, nor do any other databases. It should be fine but basically it is the base model, with a 275 engine.
  11. chuckovski

    RS265 Sport LE Diff upgrade

    If you're interested in spending more on a better car (without the seats you want) with warranty let me know... There's also an 8:08 with lots of mods for I think $20K,@Gwal is selling.
  12. chuckovski

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    Fingers crossed. It's the Aisin 6 speed I have in the Enterprise, and it is awesome.
  13. chuckovski

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    I fear there will be no torque converter autos when I replace our family car. Old tech that works, but harder to come by!
  14. chuckovski

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    I'd agree, but my Clio has been good. Problem is it seems to be luck of the draw.
  15. chuckovski

    Newbie - thinking of RS280

    Lol sorry ... I completely missed what you meant!