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  1. chuckovski


    Very similar to my focus wheels, like the doc I'm a fan!
  2. chuckovski

    Traded in my Fiesta ST for a Clio RS Cup

    Nothing I've noticed. Mine you I've got Ventus RS3 tyres on so they replace any other noise the car makes!
  3. chuckovski

    Traded in my Fiesta ST for a Clio RS Cup

    They should all be the same - just compare the prices. It's a pretty simple process.
  4. chuckovski

    Traded in my Fiesta ST for a Clio RS Cup

    Nice! Looks like you got the cup premium. Whilst I've never driven a Fist I'd imagine you'll have only a little less fun. I've still got my Clio sport but I just got a Focus RS LE, so I'm kind of going in the reverse direction! Hopefully the cup suspension will be fine but I found the sport suspension a bit too soft.
  5. chuckovski

    Hello Everyone,

    By far the cheapest and easiest is a centre resonator delete is the first thing to do unless you've done it already. Some have removed the second cat but there's varying opinion over whether or not it's legal, but it sounds better!
  6. chuckovski


    Looks like DBA rotors and some nice aftermarket wheels!
  7. chuckovski

    Oil for 265 rs

    You joined! Welcome [emoji3]
  8. chuckovski

    Joining the Renault boys and girls soon! Few questions...

    Best literal bang for buck is indeed resonator delete. Better than my new Focus! I think Adrian is having a hiatus on tuning but I'm sure he'll be back on it soon, combining well with the Koya sports cat downpipe. I think it's something like a 15% increase in power IIRC
  9. chuckovski

    Megane GT220 Wagon - Smells of garlic and cheese

    Hey welcome, good choice IMHO but there is one form member who has had a horrid time with one. Probably more of a Renault not fixing it properly issue rather than anything else... But otherwise they can be amazing if cared for properly. They're pretty much the same engine as the RS250 and subsequent models. They have a timing and accessory belt which should be replaced every 4 years. Get whatever you're looking at combed over by Renotech or Paul V if you're in Sydney.
  10. chuckovski

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    Sent you a PM about the seats (and sorry about the push for mine!). Also worth noting how reliable they are mechanically as long as they've been maintained well (the timing belts topic is often discussed here!). Worth noting that some facelift cup 265 could be ex rental cars. Hard to know about some of them if they're second owners.
  11. chuckovski

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    Lol just beat me to it Jason!
  12. chuckovski

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    Welcome! Good choice by the way... I guess it comes down to budget on respect to what you can get. Looks like you're looking at pre-facelift Mégane III either 265 or 250. The question re seats is very confusing on the pre-facelift 265 models which I think include cup, cup+, trophy, trophy+, limited edition sports (didn't come with cup suspension or LSD but had cloth Recaro Sportster CS seats), red bull edition RB7 and RB8, and 8:08. Then in case it was too straightforward some trophy+ came with leather Recaro Sportster CS seats as an option. I think the trophy came with leather Recaro Sportsters but not sat nav and reversing camera or cornering bixenon headlights. Then 2014 the facelift lineup returned to normal with cup and cup premium models but none from then on have the bixenon lights (which I have to say are a must IMHO). That's when the 5 year warranty kicked in. Where are you located? There's an amazing looking 8:08 in Qld that's just popped up for sale on the forum, has a $10K sound system in it. Mine's for sale (trophy+ with warranty still because though it's a 2013 I purchased it just after the 5 year warranty started) but after this weekend I'll be pulling it if it doesn't sell (I signed for a Focus RS LE contingent on me selling my car by Monday - I'm not interested in any other newer car at the moment so I'll keep mine in the meantime). Either way, if you're close by happy to give you a drive regardless of whether or not you're interested (I'm in the Illawarra)
  13. chuckovski

    Deposit down for Megane RS 280 EDC

    Have you had it looked at by a panel beater and got their opinion?
  14. chuckovski

    New owner!

    Congrats! Yes they hold their own. I thought I'd be totally won over by the focus RS LE I drove this week but it was maybe just a tiny bit better (caveat is I'll be driving it for longer tomorrow, but I'm not expecting much more). The Megane has ruined the fun of buying a new car!