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  1. chuckovski

    Baby seat in Megane III or Clio IV

    My mistake The D rings about 4/5 the way down the back are the anchor points
  2. chuckovski

    Baby seat in Megane III or Clio IV

    There are some horizontal bars embedded in the back of the seats. I'll take a photo of them soon. Don't use whatever you're looking at
  3. chuckovski

    Looking to buy Clio RS

    Yeah I agree. I've done it once in mine. Enjoyed it but not enough to repeat!
  4. chuckovski

    Looking to buy Clio RS

    I've heard it's the new "belts" issue
  5. chuckovski

    New member, new Mk3 Clio RS Angel & Demon

    Great choice in cars, love the A&D Always had a soft spot for the polestar too
  6. chuckovski

    Looking to buy Clio RS

    The one from NSW (Huskisson) is kind of close to me. I don't really want to recommend a competitor, but might be able to check it out for you. I'm not sure where they'd get it serviced. Wollongong is the closest service centre but they are the kind of dealer that isn't likely to have even changed the oil. I wish I was exaggerating. So you should find out who did it for them. Yes LY is the best, but if you change your mind and want to try a red one let me know [emoji6]
  7. chuckovski

    First Renault just purchased

    Seconded the the Hankooks, haven't tried the Yokohamas but heard good things about them
  8. chuckovski

    Looking to buy Clio RS

    I've got my 2013 for sale with factory warranty until 2019 I'd just post up ads that you like and we can throw in our 2c I've had no mechanical issues with mine at all. Cosmetically the previous owner let it go. Depends if you're up for that or not! It's pretty darned cheap IMHO though Bear in mind it's the Nissan turbo you'll find in the SSS and the Juke turbo, great engine. Gear box, as mentioned, is great with the update.
  9. chuckovski

    First Renault just purchased

    Nice pickup! Where are you located? There are a few days day threads for varying states.
  10. chuckovski

    I just brought a 265 Trophy!

    Welcome! Awesome colour the lunar grey. This forum is an amazing brains trust so ask away, you'll rarely not get a helpful answer.
  11. chuckovski

    Hey From Cape Town...

    Nice! Looks amazing in white. Welcome
  12. chuckovski

    Newbie - Megane RS 265 Trophy +

    Welcome! Best model IMHO [emoji6]
  13. chuckovski

    My turn to say "Hi"

    Bugger - grounds for suing due to a below par inspection? still looks good
  14. chuckovski

    My turn to say "Hi"

    Nice collection! Anything planned for track days?
  15. chuckovski

    RS Cruise

    Those roads you're taking about are my stomping ground, so I'd be keen. Post in the NSW drive day or short notice drive thread. Nice car!