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  1. SiMonster

    Help please

    I agree, forget about that guy. . .. claims 265 when its clearly a 250... and wont let you drive it ? What a joke!
  2. Any chance the moderators or site managers can confirm anything about this or pop up a reply‽ i paid by PayPal via this site and have had no reply from my post or the pm i sent which I assumed would’ve been sent to moderators directly. is there an issue‽ are they awaiting printing or something else, just need to know that my $22 hasn’t just been sucked into the void of the internet 👍🏻
  3. Gday when’s the latest batch of stickers due to go out (I purchased two on Jan 9th), just awaiting an update 👌🏻
  4. Interested in the 2 new rear rotors but need them shipped to Melbourne, whats the best price you can do? 

    1. SiMonster


      I’m still awaiting another member to get back to me but if he stalls further I’m happy to do flat $100 (I’ll cover shipping..).  Now you saw on the ad that you still need to get the bearings from eBay or wherever;unless you reuse your existing ones if they are on (press out/in).

  5. Same here. I get a refreshed page stating fields I've entered are *required to be completed.... then went i resubmit the page simply stays blank. I'm unable to see in messages if anything was sent. Error has occurred on iPhone7, and also on a Macbook, trying in Safari, and then Chrome.
  6. Good work! I picked up a pair of hatch struts off eBay from U.K. OR Poland I forget. ... when swapping them out one had obviously failed as "oil" was evident around the space it occupies in the hatch door... so check it out you may have only one to replace...
  7. I should contribute to site maintenance for 2017 also..... I'm keen for a sticker too, will there be a new run on stickers? (colours?)
  8. Hopefully I'll be in the same boat before the end of the year... Seems at this age timing belts should have been done ... Some recent posts about clutch travel... possibly some aging issues with clutch, so maybe check the pedal is :low" uptake, rather than high-ish ? Also posts about the window switches (regulators?) sticking, etcetera. Seat wear on the Recaros seems evident on some too. Any other suggestions for a "buyers guide" for earlier Meg IIIs ?
  9. I've only a 90Tce Clio IV (although French Blue, and manual gearbox ), but my re-circulation turns off also, I can't seem to pay attention enough as to when though... I'm sure it's something to do with possibly the auto stop/start, vehicle speed, etcetera. I've noticed it off after only may be 15 minutes at times, and when having been at trafficlights for example, ..i just poke it back on and contemplate how much the diesel in front has now polluted my upholstery lol
  10. I get that the car is insured against mechanical issues with a factory warranty, but it's more so being fixed into a higher overall repayment... I'm more comfortable owing $8 - 15K than $30K (money constraints i guess ~We got this Clio new ~plus wife has a new Pug, ...then we bought a house , lol ... and have ongoing renovations!)
  11. Hi, yeah i was thinking more that as an older car and no factory warranty, I would (as previously always had done) do what servicing I can do myself... obviously things like timing belt I'd seek experienced others or specialist rather than cock it up myself.. . initial costs being much cheaper for an older car would allow me to be more relaxed about owning /on going costs of a "performance' car...and allow me freedom (and the fun) to modify, maintain, or replace things when needed without fear of factory warranty issues (or upsetting the wife) and of course all depends on the car I find being well maintained, and serviced correctly ... and how long since last major servicing it sits when up for sale. Always loved the big bum silhouette of the Megane. And definitely want to keep to the Megane size and factory turbo (more opportunity to fiddle, rather than turbo a Clio and face insurance issues ). ...maybe an owner of a magnificent example of a Megane Cup will feel the yearning for a three cylinder engine in a few months time ...manual gear box and French blue certainly has it's charm imo !
  12. Out of interest ...some recent fuel economy experiments... on way to a through from work... medium traffic, few 60 zones with couple school zones, about 70% 80 klm roads, mostly "hilly" (well not flat,, mild inclines and declines ... Mount Cotton out to eight Mile Plains Qld, last longer journey - Mount cotton to Manly, Manly to Eight Mile Plains.) Three trips to work.... results are the average of three trips.... (StopStart off ~wife needs the A/C functioning properly ). 24.0 klms traveled average each trip 1.25 litres used average 52.8 klm per hour avg speed 5.1 litres per 100 at end of journey Today I drive my son to school...then school drive to work... Mount cotton to Manly, Manly to Eight Mile Plains.... (StopStart activited) 45.7 klms traveled (the last 13.4 on motor way at 100 klm per hr) 2.4 litres used ( 0.7 litres used on the motorway ) 47.7 klm per hour avg speed 5.2 litres per 100 at end of journey Mind you this is not revving past 4K rpm when accelerating , and cruising at between 1800-2200 rpm ... boost never felt at it's maximum... ​and I considered this pretty relaxing in the driving. Pulling away under higher boost at each opportunity obviously increases the average fuel economy to about 6 litres per 100 klms. ...maybe it is possible to get to the claimed 4.5 magic number.... but that would risk a lot of honking from who ever is behind me as I pull away from he lights
  13. Passed 35K klm now... and the Clio 90tce is still immaculate! Been looking to "upgrade" though for a while to a RS of some kind... I've done ownership costs for mine, the Clio RS, and the Megane 250... unfortunately we bought a house in July and renovations mean an upgrade to a Megane 250 isn't cost effective (*especially when i looked at the servicing costs! ). As such I'm leaning back towards what drew me to RS in the first instance, the RS Megane 225 range... so hopefully sometime later this year I'll be in s position to seek out a nice well maintained, low milage 225 (3 dr hopefully!)
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