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  1. rs 250 drive shaft fails

    whiteline have a bump steer kit to eliminate it however they dont make one for a megane. a brand going by the name of superpro makes bushing kits sway bars etc the the rs megane models that romano workz megane has them fitted on there modified rs 250. I will give them a call tomorrow. in the mean time my car is being toed to the local Renault dealership that replaced the drive shaft three days ago.
  2. rs 250 drive shaft fails

    im new to forums can I upload pictures? ?
  3. rs 250 drive shaft fails

    ok thank you
  4. rs 250 drive shaft fails

    There are plenty of megane's out there with the same or more power as mine I was wondering if any knows if the race spec cars that under go racing and a lot more stress than mine run the same factory drive shafts?
  5. rs 250 drive shaft fails

    the car does sit very low.. it has not bottomed out or anything the boot on the drive shaft pop out when I went around a roundabout under minor boost. do you think raising the height would help?
  6. rs 250 drive shaft fails

    I have done through three drive shafts on my rs 250 current mods. ktech decat exhaust induction kit intercooler upgrade. tune and kw coil overs. someone please help is there a stronger than factory shaft. Renault will not cover me under warranty because of the mods