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  1. Anakist

    Probable new owner

    I really liked the Sport I took for a drive. Didn't hammer it, I had my wife and the sales girl in there, but it was super nice to drive and way more comfortable than the Mini. Gearbox was weird. I went through the local shopping centre and reverse parked it since that is what gives me the shits whenever I drive a hire car. Pretty sure I could live with it during the week and the rev matching in sport was fun. Hopefully going to drive a 208GTI this weekend and see whether I like it more. It will be more useful since I can stick on a tow bar, comes in manual, and weighs a lot less, but the review I saw said it just wasn't as nice to drive. That was on a track and there was no mention of times so I have taken it with a grain of salt. More to come next week I suppose. If the freaking dealer would send me a quote so I can start the lease stuff. James
  2. Anakist

    Probable new owner

    Hi Everyone, I joined here ages ago, probably looking to repair my Mum's RS225 Megane, but now I am looking to replace my 2004 Mini Cooper S and have my eye on a leasing a Clio Cup. Has anyone driven them both and can offer suggestions if I will like the Clio? I have Enkei's, a smaller pulley and a bit of lightening on the Mini, but the Cup looks to have an extra 40kW, way better brakes and about the same weight. Thanks. James