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  1. alastair

    New Rs225 Owner In Melbourne

    Glad you like the car, I'm regretting selling it! Cheers
  2. alastair

    New Clio 182 Owner In Perth

    Car looks awesome. Great read! This intake idea really appeals to me, have ordered the bits . How long was your 90 degree piece of pipe btw? I trust the whole setup has lasted without issue since you did it. Looking forward to any updates. Cheers
  3. alastair

    Images In Signature?

    Nothing of the sort fellas Had something planned but doesn't look like its happening.
  4. alastair

    Images In Signature?

    Was thinking of a 2 line tall strip, not something huge and obnoxious.
  5. alastair

    Images In Signature?

    Is it totally impossible to include an IMG in signatures? Have noticed some members have images but upon attempting, it appears as "0 images allowed in signature" or something similar. If anyone can help let me know. Cheers
  6. Done. Love all the great info on OzRS.
  7. alastair

    Renault Sport 225 (Not A Cup)

    Thought I'd chuck in my two cents. Maybe it'd be a good idea to have a look further down the market? I bought my 225, with a nice ammount of mods (quaife!) with 170k for around $6k and change. The car is super clean as well, and although the timing belt needs doing in the next few months, I'm really happy overall. This price bracket leaves money for mods and maintenance with still a lot of change. Just a thought that I thought would be worth putting out there. Good luck mate! Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  8. alastair

    Renault Sport 225 (Not A Cup)

    What was that $100 short shift if you dont mind me asking? Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  9. alastair

    New 172 Clio Owner In Sydney

    Looks awesome on the TD's!
  10. alastair

    Big Hello From Hong Kong

    Must sayfrom memory I haven't noticed a single RS in the upwards of 10 times I've been to HK Welcome.
  11. alastair

    www.ozrenaultsport.com stickers

    Keen for a sticker if anyone's got any! Cheers.
  12. alastair

    www.ozrenaultsport.com stickers

    What do you drive man might have seen you around Oatley!
  13. alastair

    Hi Again! Not Really A Newbie

    Definitely agree with Cloudy, the power is amazing comparatively
  14. alastair

    www.ozrenaultsport.com stickers

    Donated and PM'd mate!
  15. Home page on the right hand side, about halfway down or so.