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  1. New Yellow Clio Rs200 Adelaide

    Hey, from a fellow LY Clio IV owner in the Adelaide Hills We aren't looked kindly on in these forums, folk round here like their 2 door, manuals
  2. Howdy

    Congrats on the new car SuperNewbie, hope you are enjoying it Where are you located Hi Located in Adelaide All good so far
  3. Howdy

    Picked this up today. Thing is crazy good fun. The exhaust pops have me grinning from ear to ear. Going to give it a bit more hell tomorrow and take some pics This should be a fun journey...
  4. Howdy

    Just a lack of bite i suppose, needed to slam them on to get a reaction and even then the peddle had to go to the floor before i noticed the car starting to stop. Definitely not the sort of performance i was expecting as i hammered down the hill. In the GTI it feels like the rear of the car is going to come and smack you in the back of the head. The RS just dipped to the front and kept riding while i waited for something to happen. Felt much more like Commodore brakes rather then GTI brakes. I should mention that mine is an ex Demo so theres every chance it has been flogged. But after only 2,000kms i would think they should have held up alright. Could also be the possibility that the pads weren't warm I thought it odd as well as every review i read suggested the brakes as a strong point. Will keep you all updated
  5. Howdy

    Depends on what you were comparing the brakes against I had Slotted and Drilled rotors, Stainless Steel lines and EBC RedStuff pads on all four corners so it stopped on a dime. The RS has no bite in comparison. Pics soon, i have to pick up the car this week
  6. Howdy

    Hi All Just bought a 2013 RS200 EDC Cup Trophy in LY Sideways stepping from a modded VW MKV GTI Looking forward to learning all about Renault. Im a former Nissan owner so the new engine bought me over to the RS division. Hoping to get some upgrades happening soon. Brakes need a bit of work Cheers!