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  1. Just Donated but missed the boat to ask for a grey sticker, emailed Moosey but ill post here too one way or another it will be seen i hope.
  2. Best of both worlds you could look at the GT220. Has the space for all the kids gear (and there is alot of that) plus its 5 door for easy access and you still have the sporty feel and engine to boot. Yes I will admit its no 250 or 265 but it still drives well and is a great compromise IMHO. I am biased (who isnt) but I love mine and think its a great way to get the kiddies around town. Just throwing it out there.
  3. Mods arent really on the radar yet, still busy finding the time to drive the thing. An ECU remap down the track may be an option but ill have to seriously think about it (and wait til warranty is over). Its a fantastic engine as it is, I reckon it would be alot better if they had of gone for the 265 mapping instead would have been a real fun car, but i suppose they had their reasons to leave it at 220, Still... no complaints when she comes on BOOST!!!
  4. Ended up with Malta Blue. I was actually wanting the Pearl White but the minister for War and Finance (aka the wife) insisted on the Blue as it "looks Purple in the right light". Considering its my car and she wont be driving it (her choice not my insistence) I thought the least I could do is let her pick the colour. But I'm still happy with the Blue it was my 2nd choice.
  5. Hi all Im a new addition to the Renault world having picked up a GT220 3 weeks ago. Gotta say i was very impressed with the ride and handling especially on the rough country roads. This being the first turbo car ive owned i am very happy with the performance. Torque steer is a new concept im getting used to as i only owned RWD cars beforehand but thats part of the fun i guess. Still getting used to it but am loving every drive i go for...
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