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  1. English Newbie

    Yeah pretty much. I was going to type LS but then thought of course there are plenty of barras going around so changed it to simply V8. Sounds like a hectic build though haha.
  2. English Newbie

    I think Quad was referring to the builds over in the UK not here in Australia. In that respect he is just stating the obvious that plagues countries that have far less restrictive rules than Australia (eg - USA, NZ). Even still, the amount of "chopped hectic VE's" in this country would beg to differ. We have just as many dodgy cars here in Australia, the only difference being that folks that do those builds have gotten slowly better at hiding the dodgy builds while in the other countries they just celebrate the builds. I've got friends that have (on their P's) built rb's into 350kw+ monsters and put them in their already legally registered 1.8ltr NA 180sx. They just keep the car looking clean, completely stock and put a conservative exhaust. The cops never pay any attention and since building rb's is one of the only cheapish engines in this country (outside of a v8) they just keep it registered as the stock car. If they happen to crash they just tear the engine out themselves, buy another body and replace the engine once again. Personally I'd disagree on the point of modding newer cars. We don't see it here because of location and cost but if you go to other countries like above you will note a vibrant modifying scene for brand new cars because they can get away with it far more than we can.
  3. English Newbie

    You can count on 1 hand the only conversions that seem regular in this country. Honda engines in lotus', RB's in various JDM and ADM's , rotaries in a few random cars and lastly the classic ls swap. Anything else is usually in a magazine in this country as it's usually a crap ton of money, time and very rare aha.
  4. English Newbie

    Everything is more expensive when you live on a giant island haha. Carsales is probably most peoples go to for perusing cars but both gumtree (I'm sure you know this one) and quicksales are worth looking at. Especially quicksales. Sometimes insane bargains can be had.
  5. English Newbie

    I think that was because we had a sever water shortage across the country (Vic was the same) so that was for an actual legitimate reason.
  6. English Newbie

    The cops don't pay any real attention to Renaults. My orange one has different color panels, is lower than legal height, is fairly loud and has a bunch of completely illegal modifications. I've been in a line up and the cops literally just look at it, probably wonder what it even is and then move to the next car. The chance of getting pulled up is pretty damn low unless you are actively driving illegally and they spot you doing it. I wouldn't worry too much (if at all personally). Good luck finding a ride!
  7. English Newbie

    I just remembered a good one. In Vic it is against the law to install a cover or change the gear shifter so that it doesn't have the shift pattern lmao. Depending on the cop you could get a defect notice rendering the vehicle unable to be driven legally on the road until you get it cleared. There are other just as silly rules but you get the idea. (It's not all bad but there are definitely some questionable laws)
  8. English Newbie

    Don't forget it changes each state as well lmao. What is legal in Victoria may not be legal in New South Wales vice versa etc etc so as soon as you drive over the border it's fair game according to the police.
  9. What Model Rs Did These Wheels Come From

    Because they came on the clios. They probably fit the meganes no worries but never came on them.
  10. New Rs Candidate

    Definitely, I had the max I was going to go and he went lower so was very happy with the outcome.
  11. New Rs Candidate

    If a 10 is a mint condition and a 5 is a daily used but cleaned only every few months. This is easily a 2 or even a 1 (I'll go with a 1 since he was a smoker). Nevertheless for the plans I have it was the perfect pick up.
  12. New Rs Candidate

    I had a 175, completely underrated. I can't remember who it was on the forum but a member had a drive and to quote "It's oh so wrong, but oh so right" haha. Also 1100K's out of a tank WITH a tune. Can't complain.
  13. New Rs Candidate

    I picked up that F1 225 in case anyone wonders what happens to it. Mechanically perfect just needed a clean and by that I mean I'm going to decontaminate it. I'll have a build log up at some stage in the future. Good luck on your search, let us know what you get and post some maaaad pics!!! See you at a drive day sometime maybe.
  14. Hello! (Interested In Megane Sport 225 Cup)

    Quality Norlane West!!. There are a few members from Geelong here, Braymac and Steve. I know the guy who owns Qualitools is on here but not sure of his online tag.
  15. Hello! (Interested In Megane Sport 225 Cup)

    Welcome fellow geelongite