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  1. Freeke

  2. From Up Over

    Haha... I noticed the image orientation when I uploaded to tinypic.com, but since it was ok again in the preview, I left it as it was. I guess it has something to do with how I held my iPad when I shot the pic. Anyway, it seems quite appropriate for the antipode aspect.
  3. From Up Over

    My week-old has 1400 kms on the meter today. I'm a very happy man ATM.
  4. From Up Over

    Actually, that is exactly what it says. Well done! As for now, the only pic I have ATM, (with a Clio in the foreground) (and an ordinary diesel Mégane) is this one, with some rather scrawny oaks during a snowless period of this winter representing the country. The Clio was a loaner from the dealership. I tested the car for 750 kms that weekend.
  5. From Up Over

    Hi all! I've been hanging around here for a while. This is IMO the best RS forum of them all. I'm a prospective RSC4 owner based in Västerås, Sweden. Yup! I've had the chance to borrow a car from my dealer on a couple of occasions for a total of five days, so I have a pretty good idea of where I am heading.