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  1. I was using the Google browser - now I'm trying chrome. Seems 100% better. I'm using an android tablet.
  2. This new layout keeps killing my browser. My browser - it don't like.... And the buttons keep disappearing. I'm so sad. GM
  3. Welcome! Might see ya round the traps sometime. I've still only seen a couple Clio IV's about Brisbane though. MAYBE 5 including mine. Enjoy your new (perfectly reasonable and functional) toy . GM
  4. Well picked the car up yesterday. What a top little car. I haven't driven an older manual RS, but I gotta say, not hating the EDC gearbox at all. And the sound effects are a good bit of fun. No point doing pictures yet, as the weather here is foul, the car is a wonderful shade of road grime grey - magnificent I'm also not hating the wheels as much when I can see them in person. I don't think photos do them justice. Jury is still out on whether I leave them as is, or powder coat them black. Hmmm. I haven't done anything much to it yet just a USB for tunes, floor mats, and non-slip matting in all the cup holder/chubby holes. Gonna book it for tinting in the coming weeks, but for now I will just enjoy. Cheers, GM
  5. Thanks guys. It's my first Renault - the new one seemed to have enough day-to-day livability to fit the bill and fit the kids. My wife is hoping a new car means I won't modify it - we'll see though. I tend to not be able to leave things alone. My bike made 98hp stock, and now it has 150hp atw. I'll leave it alone during warranty period anyway I guess. Many other RS owners in Brisbane? GM
  6. Howdy, I'm picking up my new (demo) white Sport Trophy on Wednesday. Can't wait. Only thing I'm not thrilled about is the stock Sport wheels. Not exactly my cup of tea. Unfortunately, the dealer wouldn't even consider selling me a set of black cup wheels, and the anthracite 18's are months away. Anyway, once I sort out the wheel situation, I'm looking forward to a bit of quality time in a car (I've commuted on motorbikes for the last 10 years). Would love to do it up like a Monaco GP edition, but we'll see. Maybe just get the stock wheels powder coated - dunno. I'll spend a bit of time getting to know the Gringo. Cheers, GM
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