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  1. pdm21

    First Renault (RS265)

    Agree with deleting the resonator, huge grins inside and out. I have the same model but in white. Strange the stripes colour is washing out, no problems with mine after 4 years - maybe not waxed often enough? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. pdm21

    2012 RS 265 Trophy

    I'm looking to get a better note from my RS 265, what's the best way to achieve this? Do I need to replace the exhaust?
  3. pdm21

    New Megane Cup+ - keep the stripes or not

    Thanks for all the comments. After a week, they are definitely staying.
  4. pdm21

    New Megane Cup+ - keep the stripes or not

    Thanks guys. The stripes are staying
  5. Proud owner of a new white Megane Cup +. Drives great but I'm not sure about whether to keep the side stripes or not. This being my first Renault I'm curious to hear whether it is taboo to make alterations to the original equipment. I would appreciate your thoughts.