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  1. Buying Used: 2015 Clio RS 200 Sport

    I see more RS Clio IIs than non-RS Clios, in fact the standard variety are relatively rare here in my experience. I see hardly any Clio IIIs at all (notably I passed a Blue Gordini with white stripes near St Ives last week). However am seeing more non-RS Clio IVs than RSs. At least I think, its hard to tell with them all being 5 doors.
  2. Buying Used: 2015 Clio RS 200 Sport

    That'd be right for Meganes. Aussies bought all the the yellow ones.
  3. Buying Used: 2015 Clio RS 200 Sport

    Surely the UK would be a huge market? They got the 172 Cup, 182 Cup and 182 Trophy...
  4. Driving Style

    You mean FWD, right?
  5. Megane 3 service cost + Brake pads

    Whats the schedule for the accessory belt?
  6. 2013 Renault Megane R.s. 265 - R-Link Monitor

    Awesome effort.
  7. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    It’s how small actions can have huge consequences for other people. I read this mourning about a guy in the USA blew himself up in his apartment while paying around with “energetic” compounds. Some will say that he learned his lesson etc. Unfortunately the chemicals he was playing with (speculation suggests he was using mercury) required the immediate evacuation of all residents in the building and due to contamination it's being demolished (burned to the ground) without them being allowed to recover their belongings. He’s not getting his bond back and 30 other people are now homeless. https://www.fdlreporter.com/story/news/2018/03/14/benjamin-morrow-identified-man-who-died-beaver-dam-apartment-explosion/424381002/?from=new-cookie
  8. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    If the car is uninsured or circumstances void the insurance (driver unlicensed, dui, etc) the driver at fault has to pay. If they have no money or assets (highly likely since they didn’t want to pay for insurance) then the not-at-fault driver ends up with nothing. Thats the part that pisses me off. The at-fault driver essentially gets away with it and doesn’t learn. (Eg people who repeatedly DUI then continue driving while license is suspended.)
  9. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    I’ve reached a stage where enjoyment trumps outright speed. Enjoyment is directly proportional to cornering ability.
  10. Battery charging fault dash indication

    Is it the original battery? If so, it’s getting and and due for replacement.
  11. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Driver with < 1 year experience in a 265 hp turbo FWD... what could possibly go wrong? Check the insurance costs and excess before you buy.
  12. I just want to keep driving!

    Well done. 👍 Prepare yourself now and get a can of contact cleaner. You’ll get excited, vacuum the car and slide the front seats right back and forwards to get all that naughty dirt out... and then the airbag light will appear. 😀
  13. Apparently Recaro makes all the seats, even the standard ones.
  14. 182 cup or rs230 F1

    A choice between a Clio and a Megane... IMHO very different. Both are excellent driving machines. One is extremely fun, the other extremely fast. Not necessarily an either-or scenario -- there are several people that have owned both at the same time.
  15. 182 Clio Cup - Needs mods!

    You can say that again!