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  1. vaughan

    Prospective Clio RS owner

    If you want something to learn to drive on track, just get a 172, get it serviced and make sure the brakes, suspension and fluids are good, then put some decent tyres on it and just go -- they are track-ready stock from the factory. I've done sprints in mine and kept it stock and it's been a huge amount of fun. There is a spectrum between stock and race-car that can remain road legal, but the requirement for road legality will restrict the level of competition it can compete in. This is because the vehicle needs to comply with both the road laws/ADRs, and the CAMS racing regulations -- sometimes they are mutually exclusive. Ideally, get a Meg 3 Trophy R. It comes from the factory with both road seatbelts and track harnesses and no rear seat.
  2. vaughan

    First Renault just purchased

    PS4 not available in 15 inch, if that's what you have. The PS3 are still a great choice and cheap. IMHO get a second set of rims for the track -- 15 inch because tyres are heaps cheaper and almost all the good semis and UHP tyres are available. Put Hankook R-S3 or R-S4 on them. Put a set of Michelin PS3 or PS4 on the daily driver wheels. Sorted for all weather.
  3. vaughan

    First Renault just purchased

    Michelin developed tyres specially for the original 172 as well, the Exalto.
  4. My status has changed.

  5. vaughan

    Clio R.S. 200 Cup Premium - Newbie

    I like that.
  6. vaughan

    NEW PROUD OWNER of 172 cup phase 1

    What do you want to use it for? If public road use: the stock setup is superb, just put on good tyres and have fresh fluids (oils, brake, cooling, power steering). The stock setup is good for track work too. Lower and firmer suspension will be faster but at the expense of daily driving. Age is the enemy so rubber and plastic parts perish. A change of bushes would freshen things up. Later 172s and all 182s came with lower front wishbones that have more camber. These are a direct swap, and in fact the older type are NLA, so that’s a good simple OEM upgrade. The bushes cone with the wishbone too. Apart from that, put a purple poly bushes in the dog bone engine mount. In fact, check that all mounts are ok and replace with stock if needed.
  7. vaughan

    NEW PROUD OWNER of 172 cup phase 1

    Wheel spacers: just say no. Won’t improve the handling - will probably make it worse - and are not road legal. For tyres, Michelin PS3 are good all weather daily drivers. For something more optimised for dry grip, Bridgestone RE003 and Hankook R-S3 and R-S4 are excellent and proven performers on the Clio and reasonably cheap in 195/50/15.
  8. vaughan

    New to Renault

    Looks great, welcome! Innit funny, a couple of years ago nobody wanted 172s. Everybody was after 182s and Cups in particular. People with stock 172 wheels couldn't give them away -- a lot ended up in land fill.
  9. The passenger seat has an airbag too, so you need one of those as well?
  10. vaughan

    New RS265RB8 Owner

    LOLs. Imagine a RS chassis with a Honda engine in it... could be interesting. Better than the Nissan engines in them now?
  11. vaughan

    My turn to say "Hi"

    The NSW blue slip is far more rigorous than a roadworthy inspection. In QLD roadworthy inspection are not required each year, only when the car is sold. I recently had a QLD car registered in NSW and the engine number on the original rego from new was actually the part number barcode on the block. Apparently that’s quite common. Then I discovered the car had a new engine fitted under warranty and the rego hadn’t been updated by the dealer or owner.
  12. vaughan

    172 Phase 1 #46 continued.

    Oooh you can try the re-soldering process and see whether it works.
  13. vaughan

    New to Renault

    OMG where have you been all my life! 😍
  14. vaughan

    172 Phase 1 #46 continued.

    I was in Brisbane for 2 years but I just moved back to Sydney in mid-April. Last year I put belts into the NSW Clio after the water pump shat itself (belts were due in about 9 months anyway) and have just put a new clutch in it as well, so it's had a bit of money spent on it in the last 2 years. The QLD one I just fixed the left side gearbox mount but am having trouble with keys and immobilisers, though I may have fixed it (by re-soldering everything on the key PLIP circuit board). So only now are both working again. I saw that P1 when @kaesh had it. He helped me diagnose some vibration in my QLD 172 which turned out to be drive shafts (and the gearbox mount which I just fixed). LOLS to Sam and I driving around with me hanging out the passenger window looking for bouncing wheels.🤣 You ABSOLUTELY need to get onto the roads around the Glass House Mountains. Beerwah, Peachester, Mt Mee, Bellthorpe Range Road, Campbells Pocket Road. Closer to Brisbane is the Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious run -- @Iconic83 can show you the way in his 182.
  15. vaughan

    172 Phase 1 #46 continued.

    That's just weird. Like, you need help. Oh wait... I spend all my free time washing cars.