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  1. vaughan

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    My P2 did this with both keys so I assumed it was a problem with something other than the keys. It turned out both keys were bad. I was stranded for almost 40 minutes in a servo after filling with fuel one day. Car started only after I started squeezing the remote very firmly, enough to make the pcb flex. I drove straight home and re-flowed the solder on all the components on the pcb and it fixed both keys. Use a fine-tipped electronics soldering iron, get it hot, and press on each joint until you see the metal melt then remove the iron and let it cool carefully being careful not to move anything (otherwise the joint goes bad). Do one joint at a time so the tiny devices don't fall off or move.
  2. The downside to supplying parts yourself is that the workshop won’t offer a warranty for your parts, only their labour. So say the tensioner fails it’s your problem unless you can prove the workshop didn’t fit it correctly.
  3. Don’t do it yourself unless you have experience specifically with the F4R engine and have the correct tools.
  4. vaughan

    Car Shoot Locations

    In that case, the grass at the start of the straight at Lakeside. Nice pic of @tripleturbo
  5. vaughan

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    Unfortunately the P1 uses a different immobiliser system to the 172 P2 and P3 (182). I'm familiar with the P2 immobiliser but don't know how relevant this is to the P1. Not many people do. I believe the P1 remotes have to come from Renault France and must be coded for the VIN over there. It's not possible to buy them over here (unlike the P2 remotes that can be flashed here by third parties.) For the172 P2 and 182: immobiliser light flashes fast = remote chip not recognised immobiliser light on constantly = remote chip has been accepted but some other problem with the system prevents the car from starting The crank sensor is a common cause for the solid light problem. So is a break in the white CANBUS wire in the loom to the engine CPU. Ive also found that a dying battery causes immobiliser problems too. Before buying new keys, re-solder all the components on the circuit board.
  6. vaughan

    Are these wheels too big ?. 17" 40 profile.

    They are affecting the speedo, but they are correcting the error in the stock system. IME the 172 with stock wheels and tyres the speedo should be out by about 5 km/h at 60 (that is, need to sit the needle on about 65 indicated to do 60 km/h on the ground) about 10 km/h at 100. If you have cruise control fitted the error on the digital read-out is only about 2 and 4 km/h (set 82 to do 80 on the ground, set 104 to do 100 on the ground) so there is about 2 km/h to 4 km/h error in the speedo circuitry, and another 3 to 6 km/h in the analog meter. Ground speed is checked with Harry's Lap Timer on an iPhone. I've had two 172s (one with ESP) and the error has been identical in both.
  7. vaughan

    Are these wheels too big ?. 17" 40 profile.

    Buy the 172 stock alloys that @rob 240 has for sale. The 15 inch rims are strong, and lighter than the stock 16s.
  8. vaughan

    Noobie - Sport GT 220 Premium MY15

    In the Clio II the area behind the left headlight IS the best place for cold air -- that's where the main pipe from the stock airbox feeds from. People rip the stock system out and put in pod filters that draw air from beside the engine block, which is right behind the radiator so it's hot air... Don't assume the Renault engineers had NFI.
  9. vaughan

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    Regarding the crank sensors, I believe the upgraded blue sensor has a better plug and socket and the sensor part is basically the same. Happy to be corrected.
  10. vaughan

    Hello! Clio 2 PH1

    If the battery is more than a couple of years old, it probably IS the battery. Check the terminals are clean and the earth straps are secure and working.
  11. vaughan

    Potential owner ✋🏼

    There are, at most, only 499 left.
  12. vaughan

    Delivery kilometer

  13. vaughan

    I want to buy a Clio RS NA

    Welcome! The hot hatch market was extremely competitive when the Clio 172 was developed and released, so RS Clios are pretty-much fully tuned from the factory. Unlike other makes (eg, Honda) they already have headers and well-designed exhausts and intakes. The factory did everything to get power out, there are no cheap-and-easy things left (else the factory would have done it). So you're talking cams, ITBs or turbo conversions. The best mods are tyres first, then suspension.
  14. vaughan

    New Member, 2nd Renault Sport Clio

    It will be Black Gold. Pearl Black was used on 172s.
  15. vaughan

    Help in deciding between Clio RS 182 Variants

    Is an un-numbered F1 the Limited Edition or something?