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  1. RedMistVIP

    Need some help!!!!!!!!

    Its a cup. Good car, enjoy. Just hope you didnt pay a premium for it that you shouldnt have..
  2. RedMistVIP

    New RS265 Trophy + owner.

    Welcome, enjoy the ride!
  3. RedMistVIP

    Tempted by a Megane RS 265 Cup Premium

    That RB8 has been for sale for the better part of 8 months or more. Started at 30k and has slowly dropped down. Be careful. It would have been snapped up quickly if all checked out.
  4. RedMistVIP

    New Megane RS 250 Cup Trophee

    You certainly get around... Akuna Bay.... Nice..... How was wishbone? Been meaning to go sample it!
  5. RedMistVIP

    Just joined - wow big community!

    Welcome 😆
  6. RedMistVIP


    Nice looking machine. I've done bolt ons like down pipe and intercooler and tune. Stereo might be next as they stock ones are terrible.
  7. RedMistVIP

    RS265 or RS250?

    265 looks good!
  8. RedMistVIP

    RS275 Cup Premium

    The trophy came with decals down the side at the back and was released earlier then the cup premium. Other then that they are the same.
  9. RedMistVIP

    RS265 or 275

    Yep, Andy the detailer from the UK has flame red and it looks fantastic on the meg3... Much nicer then the 2015 Capsicum red.. Thanks for the input..
  10. RedMistVIP

    RS265 or 275

    Is flame red and capsicum red different colours? Flaming being metallic?
  11. RedMistVIP

    Deposit down for Megane RS 280 EDC

    My 265 has problems like this. Here I was thinking it was user error!
  12. RedMistVIP

    Deposit down for Megane RS 280 EDC

    They look awesome in the pearl white!
  13. RedMistVIP

    Howdy guys 👋

    I know the one. He kept dropping his price rapidly. Had the downpipe and tune.. Was a good buy but did have 80k+ kms..
  14. RedMistVIP

    RS265 or 275

    Buy a face lifted 265 for cheaper and use the saved cash for mods/tyres/ insurance.
  15. RedMistVIP

    New to Renault Ownership

    Yes photos! And of the datsun and skyline please.. Welcome btw..