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  1. Crossing over from VTEC to RS?

    I went from owning a DC2R for over 10 years to an R26 Megane and now a 265 Megane.. Always loved honda and still have a soft spot for them but I will never not have a turbo car again.
  2. New Renault driver

    What was your budget and what else you considering?
  3. Hey hey rs fam, new here from Syd!

    Im gonna do this to mine.
  4. Newfound love for Renault Sport

    It was around 300 rwkw on 98 and keep in mind this was back in 2002 which was pretty good considering all the killerwasps the kids get these days. I always had a soft spot for honda and in particular the Integra. Found my Meg 3 by the way... A nice clean cup 265..
  5. What Should I buy RS 265 or 275 ???

    Id try find a nice face lifted 265 in a spec that you like and dump the extra pennys saved on a tune and dump pipe.
  6. Price range ?

    Sounds like most stealerships....
  7. Price range ?

    All facelift models came with RS monitor 2.0 which includes rear camera From what I understand is that the reverse camera is part of the comfort pack.
  8. Price range ?

    I'd rather a cup model 265 with the face lift then a loaded up pre face lift. They come with the 18 inch wheels, standard seats and no alancantra.. The only thing missing is a reverse camera.
  9. Newbie looking for some expert opinions

    Face lifted 265 cup can be had for low 20k.. Essentially the same car.
  10. Newbie looking for some expert opinions

    There is a hefty price gap with those 2 cars. With the money saved you could always put on a custom exhaust/tune ect.
  11. Newbie looking for some expert opinions

    If the right CUP came up, I wouldn't knock it back.
  12. Newfound love for Renault Sport

    We're fairly similar in car choices... Had a big power R33 GTS-T back in the day then switched to a DC2R that I owned for 10 years. Sold that and jumped in to an R26 Megane which was sadly taken away from me in a not at fault accident... I'm still in the hunt for the perfect Megane III which will be res deleted and a few nice mods/tune.. Been car-less for 3 months now!
  13. Help please

    I tried to look at this car last weekend on that 40* Sunday, purley as I was in the area at the time. That guy is a loser. Doesn't know what car he has, I could go on, but I won't.... Steer well clear!
  14. RS250 Cup in Townsville

    Looks good, how much did you pay for it?
  15. New R26 Owner

    Yeah, Its a bit of a drama getting bits shipped over from the UK? AndrewJeffstar on meganesport,com.. ??