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  1. G'day From A New Addict - 1st things?

    Welcome, car looks great! I have had a MY12 pre-face lift 265Cup for almost 5 years, and still love it! Plenty of joy ahead.☺
  2. New Megane RS 250 Cup Trophee

    Looking good! Although my preference is to retain the RS badge. With regard to the brake warning , check the fluid level and the brake pad (thickness) material remaining. The fluid level tends to go down, in the reservoir, when the brake pads wear,which is one of the things the sensor picks up, causing the dash light to show. General consensus seems to be not to 'top up' as when the pads are replaced it will force the brake fluid back up into the reservoir causing it to exceed MAX level and possibly overflow. If you have to 'top up' continually find the reason why, could be a leak in the system. Shouldn't be an issue if the car has been serviced regularly. If aware of all this, disregard the forgoing, sorry if telling you 'how to suck eggs'.
  3. C4RS 200T from SA

    I can relate to that. 🤔
  4. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    Whilst I am a fan of 'natural selection', as in The Darwin Awards, another part of me is genuinely concerned about the welfare of the younger generation. No parent wants to see their offspring suffer unnecessarily, and by association, any young person for that matter. I agree young people need to be allowed to make their own mistakes, but obviously, there is a balance to be had in that we don't want them to be harming themselves or others if it's avoidable. If they are 'smart arsed' and don't want to 'take council', from those that have been through it and survived, be it on their head, let The Darwin Awards be awarded as appropriate. 🤔
  5. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    I think the point has been missed. Despite the best intentions accidents happen. Statistically, a significant number in the age group are involved. Do some research and have a look. That is for a reason, and why we have a system of L and P plates and car performance restrictions to allow inexperienced people to learn, hopefully without killing themselves. Unfortunately the system is not geared for new drivers to learn any more than basic skills. Advanced vehicle handling techniques such as braking, skid control, speed management and the like are not covered. Instead we have a system that allows drivers to do an online computer test and the equivalent of 'an around the block' practical test. And then call them qualified to drive. At best, we have a system that, (in theory) gives new drivers more knowledge. With little practical experience. What do you learn on an urban street at 0/80km? Very little in the 'overall scheme of things'. This is getting to sound a little 'preachy' so will end. There are a lot more issues that could be raised. I've been driving for 50+ years so bring a level of knowledge that some may not. Having said that, I still regard myself as an 'enthusiast' driver but not necessarily a good driver. Although better than some. Still have a lot to learn, but at least I have made it to here. Will you? 😕
  6. Help please

    I think the 250's were made up until mid 2012. I have a 265 manufactured in October 2012. So you're probably right especially if it has the yellow tacho. Mine has a grey tacho.
  7. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    All that is being offered is advice, not intended to offend, which is the way you seem to be taking it. Indicates a level of imaturity. Sounds like you've got it covered. Good luck.
  8. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    +1^^ Can't stop you from thinking or acting in the way you want, all that is being offered is advice from someone that has more experience and 'life knowledge' than you, given your apparent attitude. If you have complete understanding and knowledge of the implications of your actions then hopefully you will 'get away with it'. Life doesn't always go the way you want. All we can hope for you, is that you don't 'take someone else out' because of your attitude. Just saying. 😕
  9. C4RS 200T from SA

    Welcome to the forum. Great looking Clio 200, love the colour. Enjoy the drive, they are fun. Mase will know the SA connection.
  10. Cheers from Portugal

    Welcome. Always happy to have an international flavour on the forum. There are plenty of people, with experience and knowledge, that are more than willing to help if in need. Glad you love the drive, they are addictive. Enjoy. ☺
  11. Rs275 aircon relays/fuse location

    Yes, would be good to have the information. Have had my 265 for 4 years and have not had to replace a fuse (touch wood), but would like to be able to if needed. Owners Manual says 'take it to the dealer' which, IMO, is BS. We know that it comes under the heading of 'price gouging' as no doubt you would be charged to have it done. Oh, what ever happened to the simple days.
  12. Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome! Great to see an 'international flavour' happening on our forum. Would be great to hear more of your Renault RS exploits and products you have or are developing in relation to them.
  13. New Megane RS265 cup owner

    Welcome, good to see you join the group.
  14. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Thanks all, for your efforts in getting the forum back to 'normal' (what defines 'normal'?). I have a very elementary understanding of what's required with this task but if it's anything like what has to happen just to keep 2 or 3 devices up to date (I would imagine 1000 times worse) it would be a real PITA. Whilst Tapatalk has not been my interface with the forum I can see, for some, it would be easier to use their phones 'on the go.' The forum has allowed me to share, and meet others, with interest in things Renault RS, at whatever level. I'm sure if we have patience it will return to full usability. I have noticed over the last couple of days that some of the functions (new content, PM's) seem to have come back to 'normal'. Hope you have success with the re-integration of Tapatalk without too much further trouble.
  15. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    +1^. It is not as easy as it used to be just to get a 'last posted' update without a whole lot of other stuff. It was great to be able to get only what you hadn't read. Seems that I have to do some extra steps to get there. OR I may be just me getting older and less embracing of change.