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  1. First Renault

    I kept my head unit as is. These two will do. Probably go the JBL because of their higher sensitivity: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Focal-130-AC-ACCESS-5-2-WAY-COAXIAL-Speakers-Focal-/112537146875?hash=item1a33bc95fb:g:p3QAAOSwpCpZuKcg http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-In-Box-Genuine-JBL-GX502-2-Way-GX-Series-Coaxial-5-25-Car-Loudspeakers/252618569454?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 Here's how to do it:
  2. First Renault

    A couple of decent speakers in the front doors makes a noticeable improvement. I used Focals. Cost around $200. Pretty easy to swap them out yourself. Still not great, but makes it acceptable IMO. Wait until you see the OEM speakers. No wonder it sounds so bad
  3. Hi all! Some advice for a potential 197 owner

    So you bought it! Well done. Tell us the story. (Just a can of goo and a 12 v air compressor is all you should need).
  4. Nah but if you want to organise one....
  5. Hi all! Some advice for a potential 197 owner

    I've seen the ad for that car. It's very good value if it's any good. The sunroof is a bonus. Very rare. I'd go in with an offer at 9K subject to passing an inspection to your satisfaction. Take it to Paul at Auto Paris in Box Hill. He will do a thorough test. Depending on what he finds you can always re-negotiate the price. You will need to do the timing belt at least. Allow $800 for that. The water pump, which is a small cost, will be done at the same time while the car is in bits. Just a precaution. Even factoring in all that, it's a good buy assuming it's not been crashed and cosmetically good. Get moving. It probably won't hang around for long at that price.
  6. New Megane RS265 cup owner

    Go to Auto Paris in Box Hill if you're out that way.
  7. Potential 197 owner

    Xenons and sunroof very, very rare. Recaros are common and desirable for most people. ( I don't think those with Recaros would ever swap them for standard. ) BTW the back seat is very usable and with the back seat folded down there's heaps of space.
  8. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    The sign in page wallpaper looks great! Just noticed it changes with every new sign in. Nice. A gallery of photos would be good on the forum.
  9. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Is the "unread content" button broken again? Not working on my PC tonight....
  10. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    "Unread content" button seems to be working again! Yay!
  11. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    Yep, same here. "Unread content" on my desktop PC has ceased to work properly as of a day or two ago. I'm having to browse forums to find new content.
  12. Intro - Frb Clio200

    Congrats! Looks awesome in that FRB. Thankfully you ditched those hideous NSW yellow plates! Welcome! Enjoy!
  13. On The Hunt For A 197, Help Me

    There's the turbo crew and the NA crew. I've not owned an RS in turbo form, but I'm an NA addict, as the Clio 2/3 owners tend to be. Some here have both turbo and NA RS in their garage. Hopefully they offer their 2 cents. But really whatever people tell you, it's up to you to drive them and go with whatever you prefer. There is no right answer. It's personal preference. Having said that, get a Clio
  14. On The Hunt For A 197, Help Me

    Very different cars, Meg vs Clio. You might want to drive them both and see what you prefer.