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  1. love it, it has the same interior door handles as my megane 2. definitely some racing pedigree there!
  2. they do make you smile... just one question, the Megane rRecaros, aren't they they same as in the Focus RS? wish my wife would desire a sports car!
  3. I'd say the high price on the Ph1 is the colour. blood orange is arguably the most desirable.. and he wants to buy a house. it started off at 12.5k!!! Thats double what I paid for mine. And yes, Ph1 cup and phase 2 have identical steering racks and suspension and ESP control.
  4. engine mounts and timing belt. engine mounts and timing belt. engine mounts and timing belts. that's all you need to know about RS Meg II. oh and check the windows work - there were some water proofing issues of the control boxes which are stored in the doors and they do get wet... check the clutch as well.. I'm not sure on where the bite point is *meant* to be, but mine is fairly high and that can indicate a clutch which is towards its end of life. I've read that a high clutch bite point on these can be normal - less clutch travel for quicker gear changes... Clutches can be expensive to replace - a good opportunity to put get some LSD. Or buy a limited slip diff and put it in while the clutch is being changed, 2 birds, one stone kinda thing. Also look at upgrading to a single mass fly wheel or R26 clutch setup. Electrics - there are oft problems with the clock spring in the steering wheel causing airbag and cruise control issues. I have these. easily remedied by a piece of black tape over the offending light come RWC time. Also the airbag warning light can come on due to a loose/dirty connector under the drivers and or passenger seat. Easy fix. just disconnect the battery for 5 mins before playing with the airbag circuits. trust me though, it is all worth while. I smile every time I walk back from the shop to the carpark and see my car with it's plumpy rump... I bought my meg sight unseen interstate. It was cheap but no receipt for the last timing belt change and the engine mounts are shagged top bottom left and right. sometimes it feels like the engine is going to fall out. so to summarise - timing belt, engine mounts, window winders, clutch, electrics, and some LSD.
  5. There is a problem with CKEditor - the editor you type you replies into - and IE11. The work around is to flick the little light switch in the top left of the editor to switch to text mode, paste your links etc. edit: or use Chrome or Firefox
  6. For individual forums, you can click on where it says "new posts" in green to clear and mark that forum as read. I run an ipb forum also, and at the bottom of mine there is an option 'mark community read' which does the whole forum, not individual sub forums. might be a setting for it somewhere the admin can switch on.
  7. a simple tampermonkey / greasemonkey script in chrome / firefox fixes that makes it look like this: // ==UserScript== // @name OZRS width 90% // @namespace http://forum.minidriver.com.au/ // @version 0.1 // @description script to widen ozrenaultsport to 90% // @author Tim Allfrey // @match http://ozrenaultsport.invisionzone.com/* // @grant none // ==/UserScript== function addGlobalStyle(css) { var head, style; head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; if (!head) { return; } style = document.createElement('style'); style.type = 'text/css'; style.innerHTML = css; head.appendChild(style); } addGlobalStyle('#content, .main_width { width: 90% !important; }');
  8. I started driving to the woolies in the next suburb just to get a longer drive when going out for milk etc when I picked up mine!
  9. I started off looking at Clio's as the car is a second car, but the practicality of the megane and the wooshy noises it makes was too much to resist! The 182/meg II timing belt is due at 100,000 or every 4 years, I think the Clio III is the same? Anyway, it seems to be due based on age. Whatever car you buy though, it will bring a smile to your face! buy the megane!
  10. I received a sticker today! Quite unexpected as I don't recall giving anyone my address?!
  11. Oh, if it's a phase one you are looking at, make sure it is the Cup version, handling was a little iffy on non-cup cars. Phase two doesn't matter so much whether you get the sport/cup/lux etc. as handling was updated on all phase two cars. You can tell a phase one Cup car as it has xenon projector headlights. non cup has standard headlights. Phase two cars have an updated front end - the grilles dip down towards the middle, the phase one grilles are horizontal across the top. Price range for Phase 1 cups seems to be ~$10,000, and phase 2 around $14,000. Not sure what they sell for though as they've all been on carsales for a while now!
  12. From my limited ownership and experience: 1) Reliability - so far, so good! the car has some niggling issues (air bag warning light on, cruise not working, diagnosis steering wheel clock spring assembly), but otherwise is rock solid. does require engine mounts but these seem to be a consumable on renaults! Also the window regulators are susceptible to failure due to not being adequately waterproofed so make sure all windows go up and down. New ones can be pricey. 2) Servicing costs - not the cheapest, but not the most expensive. Not had anything done yet though, just from what I've researched. I like to do most of my own servicing, especially if the car is out of warranty. Our Nissan X-trail has been back to the dealer for 1 service in 9 years! 3) Check for smoke on boost (turbo fail), check when the timing belt was last changed, and also gearbox/synchros (2nd and 3rd), and clutch. My clutch bite point is quite high but I read this is normal for RS cars. someone with more knowledge should be able to confirm that! We don't seem to get the same issues that they get in the UK due to climate -> eg front hub carrier bearings (not wheel bearings) failing.. If you update with your location someone here will be able to point you to a reputable Renault service expert. Paul V in Sydney, Auto Paris in Melbourne. not sure who else is around! I bought mine sight unseen but got it for a good price so was willing to take a risk on it.. Its at 161,000km and drives very well, pulls hard and sounds great. Even with its faults its one of the most fun cars I've driven! Makes me smile every time I look at it. don't be too afraid of the unknown!
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