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  1. LiQuido200

    Intro - Frb Clio200

    Congrats mate and good choice. RS200 3 is the best car I have ever driven, you will love owning it I can guarantee that! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  2. LiQuido200

    New Clio 200 AGP owner

    Welcome aboard Simon Nice colour
  3. LiQuido200

    new RS 200 owner Melbourne

    Had the same exact smell on my first few runs, with my at the time new RS200, not sure what it is thou, exhaust or brakes? Don't worry about it, it will go away. Very nice pics by the way, great looking car! It seems to be getting better so I think you are right. When I am driving I notice heaps of Golf R26 and Golf GTi staring or should I say drooling lol
  4. LiQuido200

    new RS 200 owner Melbourne

    I think you are right as the smell is reducing but still evident, anyway a photo of the beast on the android. Do not know how you guys keep under 3k rpm when running this car in it just wants to be unleashed
  5. LiQuido200

    new RS 200 owner Melbourne

    Yeah you a probably right bozz, might be the assembly oil burning off the outside of the engine.
  6. LiQuido200

    new RS 200 owner Melbourne

    Yes did brake a bit and traffic was pretty hectic so was riding the clutch and brakes a bit, smoke was not excessive just a small amount but did smell like that smell when you are welding so probably just the new discs. I checked under the hood and no smoke or evidence of anything serious. Could it just be the new clutch?
  7. LiQuido200

    new RS 200 owner Melbourne

    So got the beast home and smelt like a metal smell and smoke coming from left from wheel vent, only has 40km on the clock. Is this normal for a new car and just bedding in??
  8. LiQuido200

    new RS 200 owner Melbourne

    Don't think I will sleep much tonight, picking up the car tomorrow not sure if I will be out of the ricaro's all weekend hope to see some of you guys on the road!
  9. LiQuido200

    new RS 200 owner Melbourne

    All 5 of them? Buy for the sound. That way you won't be disappointed. 5 is for the slip on and 8 is for the complete evolution from my limited understanding but actually more interested in the torque and sound. I have used akrapovics on bikes so I know I definitely wont be disappointed.
  10. LiQuido200

    new RS 200 owner Melbourne

    Definitely be getting the akrapovic with the extra ponies it delivers hope to see you guys around Melbourne soon as I imagine I will be spending many weekends in this hot hatch
  11. LiQuido200

    new RS 200 owner Melbourne

    Thanks guys Still not delivered yet as getting the vega paint protection, vega interior protection and darkest legal tint, hopefully get it by next Saturday. BTW, how much is the akrapovic evolution exhaust and where can I get it?
  12. LiQuido200

    new RS 200 owner Melbourne

    Ordered it from Richmond Renault as they had none in stock but test drove a demo at Essendon which got me hooked. New was the same price as the demo model so opted for that instead but I think the wait is going to kill me .
  13. LiQuido200

    new RS 200 owner Melbourne

    Hi all Just bought my first Renault RS, Liquid Yellow Clio RS 200 cup Fell in love with this car on site and when I test drove it I was instantly hooked. Apparently the last NEW liquid yellow left and only one red one remains, good deal IMO at the moment with the free Recaro's. Hope to see some you on the road in Melbourne.