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  1. New to Renault

    Yes, open to anyone with an L2S. If you join the ARDC you'll get member discount entry to these and other events: http://ardc.memberlink.net.au/memberhome Renault Car Club of Australia is a good club to join also. A few of the more knowledgable from here are members of the RCCA. They meet monthly in Five Dock: http://rcca.org.au/ EDIT: Track time usually is seven 15 minute sessions on average. Some times it's been eight sessions when there have been minimal interruptions (a bike has only gone off three times) whereas others there's only been six sessions because the track gets shut down when a medic chopper has to come in and take away a bike rider.
  2. New to Renault

    Sydney Motorsport Park ARDC - Private Practice. Next one is on 25 May: https://shop.smsp.com.au/collections/experiences/products/ardc-private-practice More detail in this thread: http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/topic/20657-ardc-practice-days/
  3. Price range ?

    North of VIC I’d recommend RenoTech in Sydney.
  4. New Megane Rs 265 owner

    Welcome! There are few other CC members sniffing around up there. You've also got a handy mechanic in Franck in Gosford who knows a thing or two about Renaults. I've replaced my mirrors with carbon fibre units so no squeaks on mine.
  5. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

    I had a GTR XU1 with 190bhp in just over 1000kgs on four different retreads and less than one year driving experience. I don't know how, but I live to tell the tale. When attempting to get insurance, a number of companies simply responded with, "We're not willing to take the risk." I was driving around uninsured until I sold it.
  6. Is RS megane allowed for P plates

  7. Cheers from Portugal

    There aren't as many as we'd like but there are enough to keep us busy! D0000K is the track day regulaire - worth checking out his YouTube channel (do you have a link D?) I seem to have two channels: Lots of clips Just three clips While visiting Lisbon I took a walk around Estoril and it felt like I was in the middle of the movie 'Rush'. You could just picture what it was like and how much fun it would have been. I loved Portugal.
  8. Cheers from Portugal

    Welcome! Where do you do your track days? Estoril?
  9. Track days.

    SMSP Private Practice 25 January
  10. Bought a Renault

    Welcome! There are four door R.S.s. Whereabouts are you on the Coast?
  11. Hello from Switzerland

    Hi and welcome Arno! Good to see you join this great forum. I'm looking forward to my delivery.
  12. New Megane II RS owner

    There was another one with some mild mods doing the rounds: http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/21629-dooook/&page=1
  13. New Megane II RS owner

    Welcome! I'll always have a soft spot for a Meg II. You don't have to do much to make them a quick track car. I've heard of one around here, I think his name is Bingle.
  14. Hello! Impending RS265 cup buyer here :D

    You're like my daughter, she's an Aussie made with NZ parts given that my wife is a Kiwi (a JAFA). This one is on sale! http://www.renaultauckland.co.nz/used-cars/show/rs275-trophy-n1202
  15. Hello! Impending RS265 cup buyer here :D

    Welcome! Are you living in Oz or are you across the ditch?