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  1. Clio 3 Rs 20

    Just picked up the car yesterday, handles awesomely. I think I'll leave it standard for a bit, and then see how I go. I'm having troubles pairing my phone via bluetooth, any idea how to do it?
  2. Clio 3 Rs 20

    Hi All, I've had a ph1 Clio 172 in the past which I regret selling, so have been on the hunt for a replacement since the day I sold it. I found a nice example for a good price, and have just picked up a Clio 3 RS 200. It's with Carl at Virage getting it's timing belt, engine mounts and a few things done before I take ownership. I've been researching removing the rear silencer to get a bit more sound and popping/burbles however I have read that it causes a more pronounced flat spot. From my test drives, I didn't really notice a flat spot. Anyone who has ahd thei silencer removed on a 200 have any feedback on this mod? Thanks,
  3. Hi All - thinking about a clio 172

    Thanks for all the replies guys. I think I might be going to Virage, I assume they do pre purchase checks too? I'll keep the negotiation tips in mind, what kind of figure should I be targeting? $4.5k for a clio 172 with 175kms and service history a reasonable price? Cheers Bill
  4. Hi All - thinking about a clio 172

    Hi All, I'm from Victoria, and was thinking about getting a clio 172 for daily driving duties to and from work. My budget is around $5k or so and I have these two cars lined up - and will go look at them tomorrow. I've also searched around on the forums and should I bring it to Auto Paris or someone similar for a once over before purchase? http://www.carsales.com.au/private/deta ... =8&sdmvc=1 This has full service history, but they kms high? When is the next major service due, 200kms? http://www.carsales.com.au/private/deta ... =9&sdmvc=1 This is a tad more expensive, but when I spoke to this guy he seemed a bit off. He said that the previous owner had renault service history up until he brought it a year ago - but since then his friend had serviced it. It also has new plates (less than 2/3 months). does anyone have history/know of this car? Any recommendations would be great Thanks in advance