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  1. Anyone Bought From Partsrs From Poland ?

    I'm not 100% sure on that. It was a paypal invoice and didn't state any VAT.
  2. Anyone Bought From Partsrs From Poland ?

    I bought from that seller about 1.5 months ago and arrived within 2 weeks. Communication is very difficult since English isn't his main language. Took many back and forth emails before he gets what you mean. I even used Google Translate and emailed him in Polish. Keep in mind, his listings are very misleading at times. Most parts are genuine like timing belt and water pump, which is what I got. But I also got rear brake pads and was listed as genuine on the site but was really OEM. Ask him for pictures just to clarify. Also don't buy on eBay only because if you "add to cart", it doesn't reduce the cost of shipping but rather just adds it on. In hindsight, it's still pretty good value.
  3. Looking For An Rs250 Cup Trophee (2011/2012)

    Me not being racist and I do live in a very multicultural area of Sydney. Everyone in my area knows never buy a car from a 'Lebbo'.
  4. Looking For An Rs250 Cup Trophee (2011/2012)

    My past experience from car and motorbike shopping. If sellers only provide pictures of one particular side of the car, it's a good indication of shifty business. Usually means there is some sort of damage they are trying to hide. Move on and find another one. You're just wasting your time with them.
  5. From A Supra To A Megane Rs 250 Cup Trophee

    There is quite a few pilots on here including me and a controller
  6. Brand New Clio Cup

    If that is a brand new car and you're the first owner, most insurance companies have new for old replacements within 12-24 months of ownership. Might want to look into that.
  7. Newbie As Newb Can Be.

    PM sent
  8. Upgrading a Scenic with RS-Components

    Haha nice sleeper clixx-io. Pushing her pretty hard. Not once I left 6th gear to keep up with you on the M5
  9. Rs 265 Exhaust Rb8

    Liverpool Exhaust in Moorebank is where I would go around the south west area.

    I've clicked every filter on the side, nothing actually shows up on the main section.

    Has anyone had any issues with "view new content"? Hasn't worked for me for the past few days.
  12. Buying a rs265

    There are heated Recaros just not standard or available for our cars. Recaros sell the heating elements aftermarket for our seats.
  13. Hi everybody

    Shouldn't be a problem. Push the seat right back and you still have telescopic steering adjustment.
  14. Newbie Looking for a Shift to a RS

    viewtopic.php?f=48&t=27119 That a look at this car. Still under warranty, I would consider it if I was looking around.