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  1. Newbie Wanting To Buy A Megane Rs 250

    And on that.... My mate has a tuned WRX - the RS is even faster off the line. Even with my old man behind the wheel replicating it. I half think the Meg III has taken up the mantle of the WRX/EVO despite the differences in the drivetrain
  2. That's as dishonest as a person could. If we were in game of thrones ned stark would have his head. Think you dodged a bullet in the end, that'll be the last time he advertises on this forum.... Admins?
  3. Newbie looking at RS 265 RB8

    From Melbourne also, took the heap just over 12 months ago. Best decision I have ever made. Just can't believe I looked at anything else (not that I ever 'seriously' did). It truly feels like a supercar with all the looks - especially the little kids that stop and point to their parents. The community of OzRS has been great too. Everyone's nice and welcoming - actually a great positive of getting an RS. I've been quite keen on doing a Miltech since I heard a 250 with the upgrade. It sounds perfect. I've been considering a centre/rear silencer removal - but really I think it's a stop-gap. The only problem is the cost? - What have you been quoted?
  4. Shopping time

    Yes. And you will not regret it. Get recaros but skip on the 19 inch wheels would be my tip!
  5. New 265 RS

    Wish you could fit the entire picture. There's a focus RS on the left, the reason for the bird.....
  6. Hi all

    Interesting you bring up torque steer. Most of my drives were on deserted mountain roads = no torque steer. However, from the lights the other day with 50%-75% throttle = slight torque steer. Summary: Don't accelerate at half throttle.... classic french car