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  1. Hi Luke, 

    You can contact me on 0411204117



  2. I am interested in the unit. Just check that it is the Premium with internal storage. I am in Boxhill can arrange pickup this Sunday if you are close by. Would you consider $220?



  3. rs250trophee

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    Welcome, nice purchase and good colour. I have a 2012 sports yellow trophee without satnav. I don't think the satnav is compatible with RS monitor until RS monitor 2.0 which is available from 265 Redbull RB8 onwards. Hope this help.
  4. rs250trophee

    New member, Melb RS265 Cup

    Welcome to the forum, I am a recent Renault owner as well. Picked up my RS 250 trophee end of December last year, I am in Boxhill area hope to see you on the road sometime. Kenneth
  5. rs250trophee

    New to Renault

    Welcome to the forum MW 787, I was in a similar situation changed from a Porsche 944 turbo after 15 years of ownership to a sports yellow RS 250 trophee last December; very happy with the purchase. I am in Boxhill area hope to you on the road sometime soon.