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  1. jberth1

    Looking for a Megane RS265

    Yep - over here..... http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/topic/17679-renaultsport-megane-265-trophy-808-le-register/?do=findComment&comment=618859 Cheers Justin
  2. jberth1

    Looking for a Megane RS265

    3 reasons I went for a 2012 8:08. 1/ Standard leather Recaro's 2/ Standard directional Bi-Xenon HID's 3/ First model reintroduced with Liquid Yellow paint after the R26 in 2008. Earlier 250's had the non-metallic Sport Yellow which just doesn't have the pop of LY. I didn't need the satnav, but I have to say I prefer the look of the 2014 facelift. You can't have everything ! RB8 Dusk Blue also looks fantastic in the flesh. I had thought the 'Limited Edition' (Pacific Blue) was the only model without the Cup chassis and LSD ?? https://www.caradvice.com.au/272988/renault-megane-rs-265-sport-limited-edition-from-36990-ditched-lsd-equipment/ Cheers Justin
  3. jberth1

    Looking for a Megane RS265

    I'm not sure of the standard spec but by some weird co-incidence ALL Trophy's currently listed on Carsales have Recaro's. None of the Trophy+ cars listed have Recaro's. I believe the Facelift was for the 2014 model year, so you can get 265's pre and post facelift. All 275's are post facelift. The car you've linked to there has the cloth Recaro's. Only the centre sections are cloth. Some believe they wear better but both the leather and cloth Recaro's have the same wear points over the bolsters. Check for wear over the seat bolster edges. Cheers Justin
  4. jberth1

    Looking for a Megane RS265

    Just bear in mind that only the Recaro seats are Recaro's. If they're not the Recaro's they're the Renault Sport seats - labelled 'R.S.'. The Recaro's came in cloth in some models and leather in others. My 2012 265 8:08 came with leather Recaro's as standard. The Renault Sport seats are quite different and shouldn't be confused. The Recaro's are ok on the track - the Renault Sport seats are more of a 'touring' seat by comparison and made more for comfort. Only the 275 Trophy-R comes with race seats - all other seats are road seats and are not intended for race use. Also bear in mind that no face lift models came with HID headlights, so if you're after a model with the cornering HID lights you also need a pre-facelift model. Look for something with decent tyres. I bought mine with Bridgestone RE003's and can't wait to get rid of them and get some decent Michelin Pilot Sport 4's. Quite a few cars will have mods - make sure you're happy with any mods that have been done to the car and that they suit your taste. Intake and exhaust mods come to mind. Engines and gearboxes are strong in these models. Don't be afraid of something with a few k's on it with good service history. My previous RS had nearly 115K km's on it and the engine and gearbox drove like new. Obviously lower km's will command a higher price. If you're not comfortable with the inspection yourself I'd definitely contemplate a pre-purchase inspection by an independent enthusiast mechanic and not a dealer. Cheers Justin
  5. jberth1

    Just bought my first rs 225

    Some great info here : the ratios in the UK were 4 Black to 145 Ultra Blue. you never can tell how accurate these figures are.... https://www.renaultsportclub.co.uk/forum/renaultsport-models/megane/47161-renaultsport-mégane-phase-1-225-225-cup-trophy-phase-2-225-f1-225-lux-225-cup-dci-175-dci-175-lux-230-r26-r26-r-specification-s Cheers Justin
  6. jberth1

    Just bought my first rs 225

    Thats my new thing learnt for today. I had certainly always thought F1 225's were blue only. Is the black the 'black gold' colour ? Supposedly only 3 in the UK - possibly only 1 in Australia ? Wow - a rare beast indeed ! Cheers Justin
  7. jberth1

    new Megane 225 owner

    I like big butts..... Cheers Justin
  8. jberth1

    Hi, I'm Justin and I'm a Gemini....

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone ! If god permits, I hope to be driving one of his creations, but they do seem to be like rocking horse poo to find. Cheers Justin
  9. nah - just kidding with that crap, but my name really is Justin ! 1st post here - I know other forums restrict access until a certain post count is reached, and since I don't seem to have access to some sections here I'm wondering if that post count applies ? Long time member of another Aussie French car forum. Previous owner of a Scenic Megane, but hoping to get into a more sporting version soon. Seems like there is plenty to learn here ! Cheers Justin