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    Clio 172 sport & megane 225 cup 2004
  1. What do you want for it Dave? What would freight be to 3978 vic 

    1. Davejay


      Be $80 posted, my phone 0408424826.

    2. Renlam


      $80 for the head light and posted? 

      Could you send me a pic Dave so we both are cool with the purchase 

  2. Sm Inlet manifold:

    about the inlet, do you know if someone has the right ECU map for it in Australia?



    1. Renlam


      Hey fabien, I don't know about ecu mapping. If you did the air intake and exhaust system I would source someone who dyno tunes renaults and ask them what they thought of the intake manifold, pod filter and exhaust.

      i've put on an Avo dual entry pod filter, bigger intake hose and 2.25 inch Mandal bend exhaust system and I'm happy with my mid range power. 

      But people do different things and get different results 

      hope I've helped


    2. curef99


      Do you also have the spare plate for the coilover box fixation?

    3. Renlam


      No don't think so 

  3. New Clio 172 Owner

    I have had a silver 172 2002 for 13 years. I can't let it go! Great choice. Want to know anything let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk