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  1. A Tool Librabry In Sydney?

    I remember in the UK, there were fully functional car workshops with everything you could want - paid by the hour to use anything and everything. I miss the benefits of having 70 million people on a small island.
  2. Site Donations - Thanks

    Hurry up and take my money!
  3. Renault R-Link & R-Link 2

    Amusingly, I checked my connection status in the 275 today and it reckons that it has a solid connection to the network here in Sydney.
  4. Advice On Purchasing Clio Rs 3

    Different ESP/Stability programming too. 197 is more conservative, 200 has will take a much 'rougher' corner before the computer tries to minimise your joy.
  5. Rs 275 Trophy Owner

    The problem that you mentioned about the RS Monitor was a common problem around 2 versions of firmware back. I had that when I first bought the car, but it's been flawless since.
  6. Welcome! Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  7. Incoming Rs275 Trophy Owner

    Congratulations on your new purchase - a car that can corner! Great bunch of people here.
  8. New/returning Renaultsport Owner :) Trophy R

    I second the comments on Auto Glamour. Got my 275 done there, and friends are also happy with his work.
  9. New/returning Renaultsport Owner :) Trophy R

    I've always loved the 106 since Clarkson awarded it the second best handling car in the world after the Ferrari 550 Maranello on one of his annual DVDs.
  10. New Trophy-R Owner

    I've got Ceramic Pro 9H on my car, including over the decals. No problems.
  11. New Trophy-R Owner

    Ooh. Where from?
  12. New Trophy-R Owner

  13. New Trophy-R Owner

    How much grunt did you have in the 135? I got to drive a manual convertible in the UK with ~500hp at the flywheel and huge Alcon racing brakes. Quite a weapon, and wanted one immediately!!!
  14. New To The Scene

    Where are you based?
  15. Profile test: First person to read this gets a dollar by paypal.