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      2017 ozRS National Event - Entries Now Closed   09/09/17

      SAVE THE DATE, people of ozrenaultsport.   The 2017 ozrenaultsport.com National Event will be held over the weekend of November 4-6, based in Southern NSW/ACT. Further details and entry forms are available in the Social Events section - see applicable thread for further details.
    • Moosey

      Tapatalk is Back Online!!!   06/10/17

      Hi All - Tapatalk is back online! Thanks for all your patience.. It seems a change to the cloud setup for IPB and the current Tapatalk app for IPB are at last compatible, and we are online!!   Cheers, ozRS Admin & Mod Team


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  1. Paid. Thanks to the people who put in the work to keep this forum up and running.
  2. www.ozrenaultsport.com stickers

    Money sent could I get a grey sticker please address details are in the PayPal note
  3. www.ozrenaultsport.com stickers

    Hi just tried to sent through money for a sticker but PayPal won't accept this email address.