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  1. New Toy

    Congratulations on your new car and welcome to RS world
  2. Megane Rs275

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new RS. If you love driving you're in for a real treat
  3. New 2012 Rs265 Owner

    It will most likely be the connector under one of the front seats. There is a flap in the carpet and under the flap is the plastic connector. Make sure they are pushed together firmly. Some people even put a cable tie around the connector and pull it tight and that stops it working loose again.
  4. How Do I Remove The Service Warning On The Dash?

    Switch the ignition on but don't start the car. Toggle through the menu items until you find the service due menu item. Hold one of the buttons on the end of the stalk until it resets. I think that is the process. If not Google it. There are plenty of YouTube videos etc on how to do it.
  5. Rs 275 Trophy Owner

    My RS monitor has never missed a beat so I'm reluctant to update it in case it suddenly starts playing up.
  6. Long Time Lurker With A New Rs Clio

    Beautiful car. Glad you're enjoying it
  7. Finally I Have A Megane Rs!

    Congratulations on the purchase. Enjoy
  8. Change engine oil and filter

    Hey there. I'm using 5w-40 Motul Sport ester. Purchased it directly from the Australian Motul importer but I believe you can order it through Autobarn. It's a true synthetic oil (made from Ester and PAO Group 4 and 5 base oils, not hydro cracked mineral oil) It's not cheap but my Trophy R seems to absolutely love the stuff so I consider it money well spent.
  9. Hello. Clio 197 F1 Owner

    I had a occasional misfire when I first purchased my 197 (2yr old with 8,000km) Checked everything and finally went back to basics and started by cleaning up all the earths and making sure there was clean, bare metal at all contact points then gave them all a coat of battery terminal anti corrosion spray. Fixed the misfire. Could be as simple as that
  10. New 275 Cup Owner

    Hello there Joe, welcome to the Renault Sport family. You will find the forum very friendly and full of information. Have fun with your new toy Cheers, Nick.
  11. rs 265 engine failure

    Throwing a rod out the side of the block must be a very rare occurrence with the F4R and F4RT. There must have been very specific circumstances for it to happen. Either a fault during manufacturing or assembly or another very specific occurrence. Reason being is that I've belted the absolute crap out of an R26R at the Nurburgring (RSR Nurburg hire car) for over 140 laps without incident. Now if the F4RT can handle that it can handle anything.
  12. Long Term Reliability? 2014 Megane R.s. 265 Cup

    Look the simple fact is some aspects of the interior aren't quite up to the level of the Gti or Gold R but that shouldn't deter you. It's plenty good enough and once you get used to the placement of a few of the switches and how to use the various levers and whatnot behind the steering wheel you don't think about I again. The driving position is spot on and the relationship between brake pedal and accelerator is perfect (at least for my size 12 feet) for heel and toeing. The engines are pretty bullet proof as long as they are serviced regularly and you don't go belting them senseless while they are still cold. I've had 5 Renaults of differing varieties over the past 20 odd years and none have let me down. However we had a brand new 3 series BMW that needed a new diff, a Porsche that required the gearbox being taken out 4 times to fix oil leaks, a Range Rover that consistently vibrated on the freeway even after all new wheels and tyres, drive shafts, suspension (eventuall bought back by the dealer after they couldn't remedy the issue) If you want something different that will put a smile on your dial then buy the 265. If you want something "safe" and easy then buy the default choice which is the VAG stuff. Renault Sport products aren't for everyone but for those that do appreciate them they're the only choice.
  13. Big Hello From Hong Kong

    Hey there. Welcome to the Renault Sport Owners forum. Have fun with your new toy
  14. Factory Warranty And Track Days

    I asked my dealer this question when purchasing my Trophy R and was told that attending driver training days or club days where the car was driven on a race track wasn't a problem at all. However, if the car was used for "racing" purposes then that was a different matter and any warranty issues would be dealt with on a case by case basis. Obviously if you miss a down change and buzz the motor and it drops a valve or something then you're screwed. But if the satnav craps itself then maybe you'd be ok. Fair and reasonable is the name of the game.