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  1. Nice work mate. I did the same debadge but left the RS on. Gotta rep the brand For the exhaust get yourself a sports muffler. I went the Magnaflow. Really nice sound and no drone. I've had the brake light come on a couple of times during ownership but I just put it down to another Renault quirk.
  2. Res delete and sports muffler mate... Magnaflow was my choice. Performance Exhaust out at Knoxfield do a great job and have done a few of the Melbourne Megane's.
  3. It is a drama. You know us RS people are all about the status..... Moosey new year new tags please
  4. Might have something of interest for you mate.... Depending on how long new Megane takes to get here and what the Trophy model will be...
  5. Wish I could help you out mate as we have just what you want but I would need to find somewhere for myself to live if the other M came home and it wasn't in the garage.
  6. Another option if the car is in Melbourne mate check out Dan's Garage. He is 1 of the best down here for making your car look better then when it left the factory. A lot of us have used his services and rate him highly. http://www.detailparadise.com.au/showthread.php?10387-Dan-s-Garage-Promo-Video Check out his promo video of our Trophee.
  7. MM-RS250

    New-Ish Rs265...

    Welcome along mate and very nice looking car. I bet the 458 owner was jealous he wasn't getting the 265 The centre res chop and muffler replacement is a definate mod and noone that has done it has complained. Sounds heaps better.
  8. Hi mate and welcome to the land of RS. Looks like it's the long way home for you tonight after picking up the new toy
  9. Peter there is a thread you need to find and add that comment to mate Welcome to the world of RS too.
  10. Well mate you have found 1 of the best automotive communites right here. Just keep an eye on the drive day threads and you will be joining us in no time and enjoying the car even more.
  11. Home on Friday for 2 weeks R&R mate. Will be keen for any midweek drives if you're around
  12. Hahaha the only price I have to pay is getting out of warm bed on a cold Melbourne morning and driving Michelle to work so I can enjoy the Trophee for the day. Trust me the Spur drives and the company are worth it
  13. You just gotta love a SWMBO with good taste mate. Congratulations on the new arrival. Lots of fun motoring ahead when you can pry the keys away
  14. Sorry to say mate but the only place your WRX is going to beat the 250 is off the line if it is slightly tuned. And not by a great margin. Once the road has a few good corners the 250 will show it up. You've had your fun in an AWD. Now come over and sample the best FWD chassis $50k can buy. You will love it
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