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    In answer to your question, I should have mentioned that the car was originally in Melbourne (Mornington) from 2008 and then went to Brisbane early 2012. I understand the guy there did the remap, put on the coilovers, painted the wheels, debadged, and put on the Toyo semi slicks. Not sure how much time was spent in track days.I would like to find out how she runs on the track. I think it ran to 205BHP after the remap. So in Melbourne it was standard except for the rear spoiler,custom exhaust and induction. One thing though, the car has silver plastic chequerplate mats that are disapproved of on this site. I recall that "ricer" was mentioned in that regard. I will have to replace them with genuine Sport mats.
  2. New member

    I have seen/heard some YouTube demo's of the Evo but would love to hear it in the metal. Thanks for the offer and I will take you up when I get the beast settled.
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    Can someone direct me to the " how to post pictures" thread please and I will be happy to oblige.
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    What don't you like about your current custom exhaust? OZ wheels are awesome. I've only recently seen the Sparcos and they look good too! I suppose it is because there is no snap crackle and pop. There is a fairly monotone note and a bit of a drone at steady100kph. There is a good burble/rumble at idle from the induction set up that sounds a bit like an older V8.
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    Hi all I am resisting "upgredeitis" but can't help wonder if Akrapovic do an Evolution for the 197. If not, recommendations? Supersprint perhaps? That and OZ/Sparco wheels. You can spend a gazillion but I wonder to what end. The base car is so much bloody fun do we need to do much at all? I got a beast that is the expression of the previous owners, so perhaps I should just explore what she can do before spending another dollar.
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    Hi New 197 owner in Melbourne Car purchased in Brisbane and repatriated 2008 Monako blue Fastchip 98 RON remap Spax coilovers Custom exhaust Xenon OEM lights Black Cup rear spolier Custom(Golf GT/Jetta) front bib spoiler Black painted wheels Toyo R1R tyres Custom sound system LED lights Debadged; black front and rear diamonds Only had a fang on the eastern freeway at this stage. Rightly said that the speed limit is 100kph but there is no law about how long it takes to get there. Driving the beast puts a smile on your face big time. I am looking forward to meeting Clio enthusiasts on this forum. Pictures to follow.