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  1. speedfiend41

    Log books

    Mate, there are so many Meganes for sale you should just keep looking. You can always check if they claim it’s got full service history with a dealer. Lots of choice out there - take your time.
  2. speedfiend41

    New member, new Mk3 Clio RS Angel & Demon

    Always loved these things. Volvo build quality is hard to beat.
  3. speedfiend41

    First time Renault owner

    Clio RS blah blah blah... Sell me (or at least post photos!) of your RC30 and RC45! 😁 We have a Motorcycle Thread which of which I contribute 99% of content - feel free to add to it. And I’m sure the Clio is wicked. Welcome to Renaultsport ownership.
  4. speedfiend41

    I just brought a 265 Trophy!

    Nice mate and welcome. I had a Proton Satria Gti too, and what a nice little hatch it was. The previous owner put a beautiful exhaust on it - still one of he best sounding fours I’ve driven.
  5. speedfiend41

    Advice on buying Renault Megane R.S. 275 Cup Premiu

    What do you want to know? The reviews will tell you some of it and this forum has the rest! In a nutshell - brilliant car and in my experience completely reliable. Fabric seats suck up the dirt, best stick with leather. Save up for decent rubber and brake pads and you’re all set.
  6. speedfiend41

    G'day From A New Addict - 1st things?

    Ha Ha that’s funny! I did it too, my ex wife dropped me at the top and I rode down on my MTB. It was snowing. I had five layers on but it was pretty much the coldest I’ve ever been...
  7. speedfiend41

    Driving Style

    Drive MY car? 🤯🤯🤯 I’ll take him for a spin in it... Theres a 265 for sale at a dealer in Adelaide - I’d definitely recommend taking it for a test drive. Mase - you’re too kind. You were in a 172 after all!
  8. speedfiend41

    Driving Style

    I’m on my third Renault Megane - an 08 R26, a 2012 RS265 8.08 and my current Trophy R. I did my first Mt Alma hill climb in the R26 in 2014 and won my standard road registered 2000 to 4000cc class, beating amongst others, an M5 and quite a few WRXs and Evos in the other classes and on the weekend I did it again in my TR. The only road registered car of any class that beat my Megane was an AMG SLR. I also knocked off two thirds of the 120 car field - not bad for a standard car against heavily modded AWDs at a renowned power hill climb. These cars absolutely rock. Once you get past first gear you can forget about what wheels are putting the power down. They go round corners with incredible grip and balance. The only adjustment you’d need to make is learning to start putting the power down early in the corner. At Mt Alma, the second corner is a really steep, sharp right. As soon as I entered, I’m on the gas in second and it just hauls through. For the money you’ll spend, you get an incredible car, loaded with options and great engineering. I bought mine because under the 50 k I wanted to spend, there was nothing that came close to the way the Meganes go round corners - except a Clio. These cars are brilliant. Get one!
  9. speedfiend41

    Trophy from Adelaide

    Nice car mate! Love the white with black detailing. I’ve been riding and driving the hills here for almost 35 years. Montacute is a good place to start but ultimately, you can’t go wrong anywhere up there. Just pick your day and time - I like 6 am starts on weekdays. No traffic, no machines taking sneaky pictures of you. Plenty of really tight stuff around Norton Summit through to Lenswood and Lobethal, then it opens out either north towards Williamstown and Gawler, or go south towards Strathalbyn, Myponga and end up at Delamere. I rode to Delamere yesterday, leaving home at 6 am and it was magic. Enjoy!
  10. speedfiend41

    New RS 250 owner (Adelaide)

    Nice one mate! I get mine serviced at the dealer at Unley or Nailsworth. As for other tips, the forum has everything!
  11. speedfiend41

    Advice On Rs 265 Cup Premium 2014 Vs Rs 265 Cup 2015

    Is liquid yellow really a selling point? I thought it was too. I absolutely loved my yellow 8.08, as just about every knowledgeable Renault buyer seems to as well. But after advertising my car for months and getting only one call on it, I am not so sure. Seeing other liquid yellow cars on the market for months seems to support this. Don't get me wrong - I bloody love the colour! But I think the general population tend to gravitate towards silver/grey, black and of course, white. The bold colours seem be too much for some.
  12. speedfiend41

    Finally Did It! New R.s 275

    Better let the scrutineers know then - every time I've been out on track they inspect my helmet, then put a sticker on it saying 'scrutineered'. In all seriousness, the glue in an adhesive sticker isn't going to affect a helmet. Petrol or distillate is another story.
  13. speedfiend41

    First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Nice mate. When I was looking around here in Adelaide for a 220 to drive I had the same deal - only 200's to drive, even though the special was on 220's. I'm sure you'll love it.
  14. speedfiend41

    Another Frb182

    Love those wheels.
  15. speedfiend41

    www.ozrenaultsport.com stickers

    I need some stickers for my Trophy R? Do they come in red? Yellow will do if not...