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  1. Can't find a post about them, but with so many OzRS engaged dealers etc can we ask for a side line OzRS number plate surrounds?
  2. Hi Everyone, help please

    Thanks jucafodisport. Not the best news, but thanks for your concern. Thats pretty much what Vukie told me. The car seems to be running ok, no smoke, no obvious loss of power. The idle, stopped in traffic does have a bit of a lumpy feel. The start up diagnostic had a t___ code, which from the forum I believe is fuel system. I cleared it and it hasn't come back yet(2 days). I'll get a diagnostic done at a local Renault place and see if theres any major damage showing up. I'm assuming the plugs wern't changed? Just goes to show-ALWAYS get an independent inspection. My fault for being to eager.
  3. Hi Everyone, help please

    ha ha hah problem solved? The bloke I bought it off was nice enough, when I went to pay him and pick it up he was asleep. He thought it was 7am not 7pm. Might be why he never answered your sms
  4. Hi Everyone, help please

    PM'd Vukie last night. C'mon mate, lets know what you know. Concerned as I am, its still the best car I've ever had.
  5. Hi Everyone, help please

    Found the post viewtopic.php?f=5&t=21636&p=305593&hilit=downsey#p305615 wtf! The car sale on here dated Feb 2012 viewtopic.php?f=48&t=21446#p301647 Same freaking photos as gumtree. Vukie said the guy who bought it rooted it in a week, assumedly hence the sale in March. Guys, am I biting on a lemon?
  6. Hi Everyone, help please

    I'd like to read that post if anyone remembers where it was filed. The guy I bought it off, up in Hornsby NSW, was a good bloke, i'm sure he was a little sad to see it go. He needed a larger car as his family where coming to stay with him. I'm using it as my everyday car, so haven't had a chance to really drive outside of traffic. Hopefully when its school holidays the roads will clear out enough to really appreciate it. Thanks for the feedback pth
  7. Hi Everyone, help please

    Read the faq, so I'll see if I learned how to post images! Let me know if you recognise the car.
  8. Hi Everyone, help please

    I'm not sure i can post images here. I saved the images of gumtree as well.
  9. Hi Everyone, help please

    Thanks for the info. I went early and bought a 2002 this week. $7500, 149000 km, nice condition. Now I've got to read all the 172 posts! cheers
  10. Hi Everyone, help please

    Just read the excellent 172 post. solves all my questions. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9203&start=100 Well done
  11. Hi Everyone, help please

    Thanks forummers very helpful. I have looked at the service schedule in the posts, thanks for the heads up about the brakes. I post something when I ve purchased my car. with thanks pth
  12. Hi Everyone, help please

    Hi Forum members, first post, keen to hear back. I've been looking for a "classic" french hot hatch for a while. Checked out a few peugeot 205gti's but was always worried about the structure of a 30ish yr old car. Not having access to a full blown workshop I started looking at the clio sport, as a similar if more modern version of the type of car I wanted. I have a budget that is less than 9K and want to get the best example for this money as I will be using the car as my daily drive. My questions, purely on your experience or even gut reaction are; -are there any immeadiate differences across 2001-2005 model clio sports when on a budget? (year range from budget and redbook pricing). -given the increase in rego fees (NSW) for an over ten year old car, are my year ranges self defeating budget and servicing wise when I'm expecting the car to last at least 4 years(ie do my preferred models have a tipping point?) -why do advertised prices on commercial car sale sites differ so much from this forum and redbook pricing? with thanks any feed back greatly appreciated pth