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  1. New and looking for a Renault!

    Welcome. I'm reluctantly considering selling my '05 Cup (5dr). Very well looked after, not advertised anywhere yet. Will send you a PM. But yeah, be it mine or any other one, you won't be disappointed. Great car. Good luck. Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk
  2. Can't view Tapatalk-uploaded images

    can i get a bump please? will take me ages to get to 50 posts at my rate ! so many tapatalk images I can't see in so many good threads! thanks.
  3. Can't view Tapatalk-uploaded images

    Likewise for me if possible. Cheers.
  4. New(ish) 225 Owner in Melb.....

    Thanks pricey, yeah when I need to blow out the cobwebs on the weekend or escape the kids I do a little Eltham-Warrandyte circuit. Will look into the July cruise - sounds good.
  5. New(ish) 225 Owner in Melb.....

    Hi All, Been lurking around for a while and finally thought it time to introduce myself. I'm a proud owner of a 2005 RSM Cup bought off a fellow OZRS member earlier this year. I've had the car for almost 3 months now and love it. Makes the daily commute much less of a grind.....I'm in the Eltham area here in Melb so if you see me give me a wave and i'll do my best to reciprocate. Car has done 117k kms, has a powerchip tune BUT is now causing me some serious worries with the clutch.... That though I will take to another thread in the Megane section. Feel free to stop in there with advice also! Look forward to hopefully getting more involved around here..... Cheers, Andrew Some pics: