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    Current 2015 White Clio RS200 (vic reg 1RS2OO), Mitsubishi LA 1974 Rally previous 1996 Mazda Mx5 LE 106RWKW, 2009 MX5 NC2.Clio 1,4 and Megane GTline/

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  1. I have a 2015 Sport and love the cloth seats.I thought I would really miss Climate Control AC but don't.I have to sell my white car and it has 27 months new car warranty.Would I recommend one to a friend,absolutely,only issue I have had was the Bluetooth dropping out but that seems to have been fixed by the dealer.In my opinon a wonderful little car that gives you the best of both (sport and everyday,auto or paddle shift) worlds.Go for it!!
  2. I have a 2015 Clio Sport and it is just about to go in for its 50000 klm service and other than he Bluetooth dropping out occasionally has been a very reliable and rewarding car to own. Cannot think of another that I would choose in stead and I still have almost 2.5 years of warranty left.Great little car and just so rewarding to drive,EDC gives best of both worlds,great as an auto around town bit amazingly responsive when used as a manual.
  3. pclio

    My First Renault!

    Great car and great value.9000klms on mine and love it more every time i use it.Grandpa car around town if need be and fast and rewarding when you want it.Enjoy! Peter.
  4. I am sure you will continue to enjoy it.Love mine.Got any more details? Welcome, Peter
  5. Not a 265 but my nephew has an 2011 RS250 that has done almost 150,000 klms and it has been faultless and is still like new to drive,amazingly tight and brilliant performance . Peter.
  6. Up to 3000 klms on mine and love it.My dealer did the 1000 klm check. Peter.
  7. My first new Renault was a R10 S and I have just bought a RS200 in retirement,love it!! Hope you have much enjoyment from it. Peter.
  8. Welcome, great choice have 1300klms on mine(white) and love it.The finance deal is great. Peter.
  9. pclio

    New Rs200 Owner

    I have 1300 klms on my RS200 and love it,have also got an Rx8 spare on the way and am going to make a false floor from mDF and then bolt the spare to it and use the space at the sides under the floor to store the tools and inflation kit. We have a lot in common ,I am 67 and have a rallying background too,did The Mersey Valley Rally in about 1978 and finished second to Ross Dunkerton,beautiful roads including Helleyer gorge.The TAS govt sponsored about 10 mainland crews to go over and we stayed at the Shearwater Country Club. Have brought my MX5 over there a couple of times and just love the roads but if I was to go again it would be in the Clio!!! Enjoy, Peter.
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