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  1. Renmat

    Greetings from Perth, WA

    I have a 2011 RS250 here too, bought new! Happy to catch up any time.
  2. Renmat

    New Clio 182 Owner In Perth

    Welcome Mark. That looks fantastic!
  3. Renmat

    Perth Renault Clio 172

  4. Renmat

    Hi All From Perth

    Welcome aboard!
  5. Renmat


  6. Renmat

    Hi all :)

    Welcome Dave! I bought a flame red 172 new in 2002 and haven't been without an RS since. By the way, you are not "old" at 45!
  7. Renmat

    From Up Over

    Welcome! Love the Clio colour!
  8. Renmat

    rs newbie in Adelaide

    Ah Gorge Rd, now that brings back memories. I was co-driving in a very hot Honda in the ARC in the early 90s. We managed the 14km Gorge Rd special stage in 7 min 45 sec as I recall. At night.
  9. Renmat

    New to the forum

    Next drive day? Over to you OzSport!
  10. Renmat

    New Cup owner

    Your mind is definitely not going to be on the job! Congrats and welcome.
  11. Renmat

    Hey WA peeps!

    Hi and welcome! Plenty of 182s here so support is no problem. Don't know when you are intending to migrate but if you can wait 12 months you might want to consider bringing in a V6 instead ...
  12. Renmat

    New to the forum

    Welcome Thomas! Hope to see you on our next drive day. Which dealer are you at?
  13. Renmat

    New to Renault Sport

  14. Renmat

    Hi to all renault sport fan

    Welcome mate! Anything in LY is fantastic, but an R26 is about as good as it gets!
  15. Renmat

    Perth Newbie Clio owner

    Welcome! Good to see the new dealer up and running already too.