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      SAVE THE DATE, people of ozrenaultsport.   The 2017 ozrenaultsport.com National Event will be held over the weekend of November 4-6, based in Southern NSW/ACT. Further details and entry forms are available in the Social Events section - see applicable thread for further details.
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  1. Melbourne To Brisbane Plus A Renault Clio Sport

    It is all sealed but it is rough in places and some narrow bridges along the way. Pretty scenery though!!
  2. Newcastle/hunter Valley Members

    Ray I am still alive (but almost died a month ago!!!) - that's why I have been inactive for a while!! This new member has an interesting story to tell about his 275, but I will leave it up,to him to tell!!
  3. Site Donations - Thanks

    just made my donation
  4. New RS200

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the purchase!! One of the great things about this forum (and the Renault Brand) is the great mix of ages, backgrounds etc who love and drive these cars! You can never be to young or to old to enjoy one of the best and rewarding driving experiences (a reasonable amount of) money can buy! I hope you love the car and you have bought the best colour IMO - awesome!! Which part of the country are you from?
  5. First time Renault, Clio Sport, hot hatch owner

    I too own a red 2008 197 and I can answer some of your questions. These cars did not come with a jack ex factory. They are available on Ebay UK for a bit over $120 inc freight (last time I checked). You can buy the puncture repair kit from Renault but any tyre inflation kit from an Auto store will do. If you want to get the car serviced - try RenoTech in Sydney. they are renault trained mechanics and many members on this forum use them (me included). their details are listed on this forum. Enjoy your 197 and welcome to the forum!
  6. First time on the site!!

    Welcome and before Wade gets in - the answer is "RenaultSports"!!! Seriously though, great choice of car - the 200 is an absolute rocket and should provide you with lots of driving fun!! Use this site as a source of information and advice when it comes to all things "RS", plus feel free to share your experiences with your car. Where are you from?
  7. New member - Hi from France ;-)

    Bonjour, Bienvenue sur notre forum! Mon nom est Paul et je vis à Tamworth. Je possède une Clio 2008 197 en rouge que j'aime. Je suis très jaloux de ce que vous allez obtenir une Megane RS275 - ils regardent incroyable !! Bienvenue à nouveau! Sorry - I cheated!! I know a little French, but I am certain your English is better than my French!!! So I got some help from Google to fill in the words I forgot - welcome to our forum!!
  8. Red 197 noob in Vic

    Nice to see another Red 197 on the forum - welcome!!! Yours looks pretty stock (unlike mine!) - any other plans for modifications? As others have mentioned, have a look at KTec in the UK - they have a lot of parts and accessories for the 197 if you are considering spicing the car up a bit!
  9. New my13 Clio 3 RS200 owner

    There is definitely no "racing" at Winton!! Cars are set onto the track in small groups based on criteria such as vehicle performance and driver "confidence". So if you are a "newbie" you will be grouped with other like drivers so that you won't be stuck with seasoned drivers who will be much faster than you!! I ran at Winton in 2012 and it is a very safe yet enjoyable track to drive and is a good way to ease yourself in as there is not pressure or expectations of lap times etc, although the ones trying to claim "the nuts" keep a close eye on lap times!! It is a great day out and is a good way to learn the capabilities of yourself and your vehicle. I cant wait to do it again next month!
  10. Hi Everyone!

    I subscribe to this magazine via digital download. There are some amazing french performance cars in the uk and mainland Europe and the articles have given me some ideas and plans for my car!! Getting a subscription is worth the money in my opinion!! Paul
  11. Newbie with RS250 Monaco GP

    Ray, my car went to Adelaide (and I still miss her everyday!!). as a previous owner, the Monaco GP is an amazing car -power, style, comfort and the turbo kick!! Welcome and enjoy!
  12. Hi all, I was not able to make the Nats As I live in Tamworth, how can I get hold of a couple of grey stickers to put on my new beast? I am happy to pay postage if need be! thanks, Paul
  13. Goodbye Gordini hello Megane RS 265 CUP

    Nice one Nelson - perhaps if you put a couple of white stripes along the bonnet and roof of the car you might feel a little more comfortable??!! Awesome looking car and welcome to the Megane club! Paul
  14. Hi All from South Africa

    Welcome to our community and love your car - BTW awesome custom plates - maybe a good suggestion as a purchase option for those attending this years' nationals??!! These could be displayed at home/work as a "badge of honour" for those who make the effort to attend the nationals?
  15. My new Megane 265 'Cup'

    Tezza - location is not yet decided. Last years was at benalla/winton raceway. As for this year, that is a very good question? Gents??!!!