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  1. Honest Gaza

    Eyeing off an RS250

    Congrats...and nice colour choice.
  2. Honest Gaza

    Site theme

  3. Honest Gaza

    Site theme

    Did something change today ? My Screen looks completely different now than it did earlier this morning.
  4. Honest Gaza

    Potential 250RS owner, anything to look out for?

    Be interesting to see if you can find one with 19inch wheels that doesn't have scratched rims
  5. Honest Gaza

    Inappropriate Avatars

    Great commercial...great asses...until they show the car
  6. Honest Gaza

    'cannot search'

    Faulty again....even for New posts
  7. Honest Gaza

    Hello! Not yet a Renault owner :P

    Having owned a Hyundai Excel (3 Door) many years ago with a young family, I would never encourage someone to buy this type of car if you have a baby (now or in the near future). Once they can sit themselves in their seat, that's ok....but Baby Capsule and the early years of a Child Seat is a killer.
  8. Honest Gaza

    RS 250 Cup Nearer to Reality....

    ....and that would be ?
  9. Honest Gaza

    Potential New RS 250 Owner

    If the Stereo is important to you....and none of the other Cup to Trophee options are....then get the Cup and use the $$$ on a professional Stereo upgrade.
  10. Honest Gaza

    Just perving, for now...

    Of course you can always trade-in your current Lease vehicle but the question is whether or not the Trade-in Value meets the current residual.....and I would suggest not. That doesn't mean that you can't do it anyway...at a loss For the Dealer, it will be a business transaction. If they ain't making money on it, it ain't gunna happen. Keep this in mind when the Lease is up and the Dealer is suddenly your new best friend. Make sure it is a business transaction for you and you get the best possible deal.
  11. Honest Gaza

    Rs 250 Monaco

    That part has me confused too
  12. Honest Gaza

    Looking For A RS250 Cup...

    I like my 19's Me too....one of the reasons I did not get the Cup.
  13. Honest Gaza

    Soon to be RenaultSport owner- Don't know which one!

    Extra 20k to get the RS250.
  14. Honest Gaza

    1st time Renault owner - picked up a new RS250 Cup

    Congratulations.....have you registered your position in our owners poll ? viewtopic.php?f=45&t=20395
  15. Honest Gaza

    Soon to be RenaultSport owner- Don't know which one!

    Novated Leases are a little less enticing now with the changes to FBT taking effect on new Leases. Problem with a Novated Lease is that it is a contract between the Leasing Company and your Employer. If you change jobs, you need to ensure that your new Employer is happy to continue with the Leasing arrangements. In my experience, changing vehicles and Leasing contracts can be a right pain in the Ass. For the first time in a long time, I decided to "manage" my own vehicle (RS250), and take my Car Allowance in my pay rather than through a Novated Lease (and claim some of it back from the Taxman). You need to weigh up your options and remember....50K is a lot of money for a car so don't get caught in the headlights.