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  1. Well, I'm a well known pornstar and they pay me good for the hard work I have to do WORK?? God has finally joined the forum, welcome Mesiah! JOHN
  2. Mmmm let me think :wanker: ,I believe Australia is on the other site off the globe,Belgium is near Germany ,France and the Netherlands.
  3. Well, I'm a well known pornstar and they pay me good for the hard work I have to do
  4. Some pictures Also had this Mercedes,the most boring car I ever had.
  5. Porsche rims are BBS 19" For the Megane I ordered 18" TSW wheels (18" is better for the track)
  6. Rims should arrive next week (hopefully) ,I'll post pictures immidiatly. The rims on the Porsche are almost the same like the ones I ordered for the Megane,Porsche rims are BBS and Megane are TSW
  7. I did it according the RS laptimer in 9min25 sec but if you know the track it can be done around 8 min with the Megane. The NSX was a great car,had it for 4 years without any problems ,I even installed Nos in it but I wanted something faster that's why I bought the Porsche 996 turbo and modded it untill it had 570 horse power and 785nm torque,car was extremely fast but didn't really enjoy driving it,didn't feel like a real sportscar,the Renault is so much fun to drive even if it has less power but it feels like a little race car to me,handling is so great and more fun to drive on the track like the Porsche. I also have an Opel GT which is fun to drive but handling is not so good but I like it because it feels like a go-cart ,this baby also has 320hp and 460nm of torque and is pretty fast.My daily car is an Alfa romeo GT . My NSX My Porsche And the Opel Gt which I still own
  8. Lowered with KW variant 3 Nurburgring is a very difficult track with more than 70 turns,I still have to learn the track and the guy behind me knew it very well so I had to let him go
  9. Hello,I'm from Belgium and my passion are cars,I want to do a lot of trackdays and that's why I bought a Megane 250RS cup,I've had a lot of fast cars (Honda NSX, Porsche carrera 2,Porsche 996 turbo) but I never had a car that was so much fun to drive like the Megane 250RS.Most of my time I want to spend at the Nurburgring but I still have to learn the track,not so easy because it has more than 70 turns. My Megane:
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