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    Renault 5 gt turbo in red.
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  1. Gezza

    2005 megane 225 sport cup

    That would be mine pm if your keen 😀😀
  2. Gezza

    Converted to Renault..

    Yeah my old car
  3. Did you do the rear muffler? Or the centre? I am gonna do one or the other too, plus a bov and maybe induction kit, then gonna look at flash tuners.....
  4. Payment sent who do i see about a sticker?!
  5. Can i get a yellow sticker too
  6. Gezza

    Another Frb182

    Looks sweet !!
  7. Gezza

    New Megane Rs225 Cup Owner - Perth

    Nice pickup I too was tempted by this!!
  8. Gezza

    New Clio 182 Owner In Perth

    Looking good
  9. Gezza

    New Clio 182 Owner In Perth

    Glad your enjoying it wish I had of known about it leaking, I would of gone back again for em to take it out and re-seal Cant wait to see the paintwork all cut and buffed etc see how shiny it is Yeah you got a bargain!! but that's ok I know you will look after it Enjoy and keep the thread updated Mark
  10. Gezza

    Hi! Just Bought Myself A 265. You Might Know It ;)

    Welcome to the forum nice choice of motor!!
  11. Gezza

    New Clio F1 Owner - PERTH

    Yeah was nice to meet you too Andres
  12. Gezza

    I bought a new 182!

    Yeah piccys please and welcome to the forum
  13. Gezza

    Hi guys, it's been a while

    Welcome back full time!!
  14. Gezza

    Racing Blue Clio III 200 Cup - Perth

    Welcome to the forum