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    Renault Megane GT220 Sport Wagon
  1. Bought a Renault

    Shoulda looked at the GT220
  2. First Time Renault Owner - Gordini "little Fatty"

    Congrats, looks great! I would also be looking at new tyres because they are at least 5-6 years old and definitely past their best
  3. Megane Gt

    What about the GT220? You get the RS engine but in a more practical hatch or wagon...
  4. Did A Thing Bought Something French

    Congrats, lovely car.
  5. GT220 Premium

    Sorry for the threadbump. For wagon/GT220 owners, does changing the headunit to a Megane RS unit fix the tweeter issue?
  6. Clio 197 V 200 Race Car

    OP, the discrepancy between 197 and 200's weight is a tricky one to explain. I believe the confusion lies in the differences between normal chassis and Cup chassis. Cup chassis are more rigid with extra bracing and welding in known weak points. This would certainly account for some difference. I wonder how much an R27 weighs over a 197? OP, the different suspension geometry, better gear ratios and quicker rack should be considered a big plus for the 200
  7. Clio 197 V 200 Race Car

    No LSD. Mechanically identical to the 197 in that regard. Open diff and perfohub as per Megane 2 RS
  8. Renault Clio Sport 200 Trophee

    Have had my previous clio serviced by Paul, and the Megane by Renotech. I have no issues paying $500 with Paul. His attention to detail and meticulous workis worth every penny. He even re-torqued the front chassis rail on my old car. Renotech are brilliant too, and have no qualms about spending $300 or $500 with them per service. If i still lived in close proximity to paul, i would be go there for sure. Renotech is more convenient for me
  9. New To The Rs World

    3drealms what is your car history up to this point? I would definitely be hopping into a Clio for the first RS. Unless you have experience with fast turbo 4's, the slower pace of the Clio allows you to explore the car more especially on public rds
  10. I'm Thinking Of Buying A New 2016/17 Koleos Intens.

    Got a Koleos loan car. Its nice enough but two things: Foot operated park brake. Really? Glare from morning sun on the centre display is appalling! It rendered me temporarily blind whilst negotiating a roundabout. I was wearing decent polarised ray bans too
  11. Renault Clio Sport 200 Trophee

    Yep if in Sydney, either Paul or Renotech. Depends on whether you are north or south of parramatta rd
  12. Renault Clio Sport 200 Trophee

    Case closed. If Paul said its fine then I would be completely happy. Hes a legend
  13. Renault Clio Sport 200 Trophee

  14. Renault Clio Sport 200 Trophee

    Hahaha no it will be fine. Mine used to tap the limiter regularly. It was epic
  15. Long Term Owner First Time Poster

    Welcome! Thats a lovely car you got there ????????