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  1. Eire

    NEW PROUD OWNER of 172 cup phase 1

    Love the phase 1 clios I had mine 10 years ago in ‘08.. what a car! Iconic.
  2. Ozrs has been made great again!!
  3. Eire

    New Clio 172 Owner - Long Road Ahead

    Nice, keep us posted on the progress. [emoji1303]
  4. Eire

    Megane Rs Cup Premium 275 - Negotiation Time!

    Only the Trophy R come with Ohlins.
  5. Eire

    New Rs275 Premium Owner

    Love that colour.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Eire

    Incoming Rs275 Trophy Owner

    Nice is the roof wrapped or painted?
  7. Eire

    Incoming Rs275 Trophy Owner

    Great choice of the same car as mine. It won't disappoint [emoji5]️
  8. Eire

    Newbie Soon To Be Rs 265 Owner.

    Congrats. It may be worth calling Paul ASAP, he is always pretty busy. The guys at Renotech do a top job also. Enjoy
  9. Eire

    Picked Up My 265 Premium Today

    Great Choice.
  10. Eire

    G'day G'day... Again

  11. Eire

    Expecting Ly Megane Rs 275 Trophy Next Week

    How are you finding the trophy mate?
  12. Eire


    Welcome to Ozrs [emoji106]
  13. Eire

    Expecting Ly Megane Rs 275 Trophy Next Week

    I picked mine up a month ago now, ... absolutely loving the 275!! It wont disappoint!!!
  14. Eire

    Site Donations - Thanks

    Hey Bremund I used the old address for PayPal and directly transferred without using the given link because it was through Tapatalk. Please let me know if this is still active or if you have changed the PayPal with the website update, so I can cancel and re divert the payment if needed. Thanks
  15. Eire

    Site Donations - Thanks

    Done [emoji106][emoji106]