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    How Do I Add An Avatar?

    any update? this has been going for more than a month!!!!
  2. buller_scott

    open my eyes and now seeing the light!

    the ironic thing is that the woman was driving a manual GTI. DSG had nothing to do with it - but at least the media beating (which took things completely out of context) helped push the VW recall, even though they had to be dragged kicking and screaming by the hair, to admit that some of their engines/ the dsg gearbox are utter sh7t and f7cking dangerous (a mate had a complete power cutout, brakes and steering included, between two tight corners over reefton spur - f7ck that sh7t).
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    Soon to be a proud owner

    Friggin awesome Paul!!!! You gotta get some good gopro footage for us.