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  1. cliocentric

    www.ozrenaultsport.com stickers

    I also would like to buy new stickers for my recently purchased r.s 265 cup {ly} . Happy to pay postage etc I am in Qld..
  2. cliocentric

    The Tale Of A Seriously Confused Tyre Kicker

    Well said!!!
  3. cliocentric

    My new RS Brisbane

    Welcome,What an awesome looking car.Subtle,yes but awesome.
  4. cliocentric

    Old Member - New 172 purchase

    Welcome back, I have a172,with ku31s,they are the noisiest tyres I have ever driven on in 48 years.Mine are 10,000ks old half worn and I would practically give them away they are so bad.(noise wise that is). grip dry and wet they are great. graham (possibly the oldest "hoon" on OZRENAULT.)
  5. cliocentric

    New RS265 Cup

    Hi and welcome' love the black wheels
  6. cliocentric

    Back in the family

    Hi Deb,good to see you back in a Renaultsport I have KU31s on my 172.Unfotunately for me,they are the noisiest tyres iv'e had. Hopefully they are better on your new ride. Graham
  7. cliocentric

    Hi from Melbourne

    then you would love it that I went from a turbocharged a.w.d Nissan bluebird to our 172 mk 2 and then added a Nissan stagea m35 a.w d turbo wagon which is a Renault design.(same floor plan of 350z)
  8. cliocentric

    New from Sydney

    welcome Matt.look after it and you will really enjoy the ride.
  9. cliocentric

    hey guys - new Ph 1 owner

    Hey welcome, I,m at Currimundi and i have an Arctic silver Ph 2.I,m sure you will love that wee beastie as much as the rest of us. Would like to catch up for a chat. Graham
  10. cliocentric

    look central coast renault owners

    Nice. Always look good in black...makes me miss my 2nd Clio ...she went too young. Cheers, WOLF Never fear mr Wolf.She may have"went" from you,but she still lives and goes really well with me. Oh and my wife loves it too.
  11. cliocentric

    www.ozrenaultsport.com stickers

    Hi Moosey, i paid to your account last night and p.md you re stickers/cards.Hope i got the correct account etc. can you p.m. me please to confirm all is ok.ta graham
  12. cliocentric

    www.ozrenaultsport.com stickers

    Who do i ask to get stickers up here on the Sunshine Coast?
  13. cliocentric

    I,m an old Newbie come back to my 1st love.

    thanks for the welcome.I'm sure i'll learn heaps about "the wee beasties" on here.As for the bluebird,it gets lots of questions from v8 drivers like what the heck is that?Its been a great ride,but getting a bit old and time to move on to better things like rscs.As far as the family renaults are concerned, i forgot my dads 10"s" and my mums dauphine which i put on 2 wheels going around corners when i was 17-18yrs old.Anyhow thanks again and i look forward to meeting with you brissie owners up the track a bit. graham
  14. cliocentric

    I,m an old Newbie come back to my 1st love.

    okay Wolf look forward to hearing from you. graham