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  1. How's living outside the square? I'll stick to my Rs tuner thanks. Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  2. Ive come from a 2003 Clio 172 and now a 2007 Megane R26. Never had any form of electric fault on either. I drove 2700km from last Tuesday to Friday in 36-38 degrees. Didn't miss a beat. Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  3. Welcome to the forums Jake! Lots of info and friendly Renault Sport enthusiasts around these parts. Glad you caught the bug [emoji6] Where about in Vic are you?
  4. The timing belt must be done in 60000km intervals or every 4 years, but a rebuild after 100000km? There are cars on these parts with 200000, hell even 300000km that are fine. This car has surely been abused or neglected severely to warrant an engine swap. Tread carefully
  5. Welcome! I think you've got the best car color/wheel combo of the 250's. Very nice [emoji4]
  6. Welcome back 45SET. The RS models are addictive. Flash us some pics when you get the car!
  7. Great job! One less gen i that can't drive a manual!
  8. this did work. I posted up in my ride thread. I did run into another issue however. I clicked the img address link in photobucket and instead of embedding the picture into my post it left a link to my image [emoji53] . Any pointers?
  9. Uhh this is ridiculous but how do I copy and paste text? I've written a lengthy post in notepad on my laptop and pasting said text into the reply box results in... nothing I also have trouble posting photobucket images and web addresses. Basically I cant work out this forum at all. Are there cookies or other computer related mumbo jumbo I can change to fix these issues? I'm using Internet Explorer btw. Thank You!
  10. My Name is Earl

    New 172 Owner

    another popular alternative might be Renault Tech. They regularly makes trips to Canberra, Newcastle etc and they're top notch in both workmanship and pricing. 0432 016 910
  11. My Name is Earl

    New 172 Owner

    is a 172 with a belt change due worth $5400? No. That's going to cost you a minimum 1k. If you can negotiate the seller down 1k then you're laughing.
  12. http://www.meganesport.net/history.htm This link is a nice little rundown of the Megane range. But the top of the pile is the R26, which features an LSD, and the Cup, which is 4 doors, full leather etc. the R26 is a more focused package whilst the Cup is more practical. In the end though they are all about the same. Things to look out for. Timing belt should be done. Timing belt could cost up to 1k to change every 4 years. Things that break on rare occasions are window regulators, coil packs, there were issues with earlier cars having uneven rear tyre wear. Door trims can vibrate but can be dampened with foam strips etc. That's all I can think of. Obviously consumables like brakes and pads are expensive being Brembo but you get what you pay for
  13. My Name is Earl

    New 172 Owner

    Post some pics! Plenty of spare parts laying about in the for sale threads on this forum. You'll find what you need no problem [emoji6] All Clio steering wheels blister like yours. People simply get them retrimmed for $200. How much did you pick it up for? They go so cheap now. I'm sure a respray of the outside can be done for 2-4k depending on who you talk to. Still come in well under a 10k car
  14. Welcome Tarzant. Great purchase story! Where are you located? @nicb205. You username alludes to an affection for frenchies. Start a topic and tell us your story!
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