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  1. tfdpny

    New to Renault Ownership

    Not a Cup unfortunately though,it's a Sport Limited Edition - no LSD and softer suspension tune.
  2. tfdpny

    New 2015 RS275 C P owner

    Nice. The Trophy R gets all the attention but I reckon the standard 275 trophy/cup pre is the sweet spot of all Megane IIIs. Enjoy.
  3. tfdpny

    Tempted by a Megane RS 265 Cup Premium

    Yeah, the last batch of the 159 TBi were a canceled South African order by all accounts. The problem with both the 159 and brera were that the body was writing cheques none of the drive lines could cash. 2.2 jts was an unreliable dog of a vauxhall engine 1.9 jtd was just a standard derv 2.4 jtd was powerful and 400nm torque but not a very 'alfa' powerplant, rattly as the day is long and used a lot of fuel for a diesel 3.2 jts was a recycled Holden block with alfa heads, not terrible but not a patch on the old busso and combined with the q4 AWD was uber thirsty 1.75 tbi was at least an Italian engine, bit lacking in character though and only available for the last two years by which time everyone had moved on. The platform was very heavy, which dulled performance and handling and economy. It did contribute to a lovely solid feel on the road though. A 'nice' car.
  4. tfdpny

    Tempted by a Megane RS 265 Cup Premium

    You're clearly not accustomed to the incompetence of the FCA dealer network.
  5. tfdpny

    Tempted by a Megane RS 265 Cup Premium

    That's why I always have my other half in a Honda so our family can reliably get around in the case of a European malfunction
  6. tfdpny

    Tempted by a Megane RS 265 Cup Premium

    He says on a French car forum
  7. tfdpny

    Tempted by a Megane RS 265 Cup Premium

    The G is better in a lot of ways, but there still seem to be occasional horrors - @Haakon has had one of those. As a lifelong Alfisti, and having driven a fair few - it mostly seems like just very niggly things - a noise you cant find here, an unexplained CEL there, trim coming off etc etc rather than VW style DSG implosions or any issues with engine internals. Still, this is the kind of thing which dealers suck at fixing (esp. FCA dealers!), and most people grow weary of quite quickly and can sour their willingness to ever return. There's also some strangely poor lifespans of things in my experience. 156/147s used to eat front suspension arms like a consumable item. My MiTo gets 25000kms out of a set of front rotors (the tires last longer!). I've heard of clutches on Fiat 500s being replaced inside 2 years. My Punto needed new engine mounts at 60000kms because all three had the consistency of cottage cheese. The GQV is a worthy car, but in my opinion not a great Alfa. It feels like they tried to make an Italian Golf, and in the process managed to miss the best parts of either. Contrast that to say an Abarth 595 Competizione, which is just Italian madness and passion in all its glory.
  8. tfdpny

    Tempted by a Megane RS 265 Cup Premium

    Honestly service like this is appalling from a 'challenger' brand like Renault. I know the dealers are franchised, but renault aust bumped Hocevar and wonder why they can't move Meganes, and yet nearly every person I know who has bought a Renault new or used the dealer network has been summarily unimpressed. FCA brands have exactly the same problem. Contrast to the Koreans and satisfaction with dealers is high - so they come back and buy more <insert whitegood vehicle> down the track. Even Ford, who often get a bad rap - long long capped price service program, auto club membership thrown in if you maintain dealer servicing, guaranteed loan car. Excellent. At least they're trying.
  9. tfdpny

    Happy new Megane GT owner

    You're right, it is Iron Blue. We had a Clio GT 1.2 available here for a while which came in Malta and the previous Megane 3 GT220 also came in Malta.
  10. tfdpny

    Tempted by a Megane RS 265 Cup Premium

    Hmm I tend to use OZRS mainly at work or home and so I use a computer. Forums dont lend themselves neatly to mobile. But yeah Ive used it in Chrome on Android and it works nicely.
  11. tfdpny

    Tempted by a Megane RS 265 Cup Premium

    I didnt realise people still used that.
  12. tfdpny

    Happy new Megane GT owner

    Welcome. EDC = not for me, but glad you're enjoying your Meg. They certainly look lovely in Malta Blue.
  13. tfdpny

    Tempted by a Megane RS 265 Cup Premium

    Don't quote that version... as soon as i uploaded it I noticed about 10 mistakes! Better version above.
  14. tfdpny

    Tempted by a Megane RS 265 Cup Premium

    Im sure this info lives on this forum somewhere else but here is my guide to oz meganes, made for my own sanity.
  15. tfdpny

    Tempted by a Megane RS 265 Cup Premium

    best headlights available on a meg 3. The facelift cars have notably poor lamps and HID not an option (even tho they look like HID).