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  1. tfdpny

    RS265 or 275

    Flame Red as seen on the Clio IV. Metallic, slightly orangey in sunlight. I believe only available on Megane in the last year of production (2016). All the UK press shots of the '275 Cup-S' are in Flame Red. I believe its now an option on Meg IV RS. Capsicum Red was discontinued in 2015, and is just your standard bright red.
  2. tfdpny

    RS265 or 275

    Very rare in Flame Red.. nice one.
  3. tfdpny

    New owner!

    There's really only two greys for 265s of that era. Oyster (what you've got) and mercury (basically Silver). Oyster tends to look very different on different cars and in different lights - as you've found out. Later there was Titanium which was a slightly blue tinge. Can't imagine those leather seats being too comfortable in TSV...
  4. tfdpny

    Hello Hello Hello

    Trophee or Trophy? Trophee is 250 only, and just a spec pack basically - not required for tracking. Then there's 265 Trophy, Trophy+, Trophy 8:08, 275 Trophy and 275 Trophy-R....