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      2017 ozRS National Event - Entries Now Closed   09/09/17

      SAVE THE DATE, people of ozrenaultsport.   The 2017 ozrenaultsport.com National Event will be held over the weekend of November 4-6, based in Southern NSW/ACT. Further details and entry forms are available in the Social Events section - see applicable thread for further details.
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      Tapatalk is Back Online!!!   06/10/17

      Hi All - Tapatalk is back online! Thanks for all your patience.. It seems a change to the cloud setup for IPB and the current Tapatalk app for IPB are at last compatible, and we are online!!   Cheers, ozRS Admin & Mod Team


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  1. Forum not refreshing

    I think it is meant to come up with that comment if I posted, and then clicked post again. Instead it comes up the first time I click post. I may be wrong though.
  2. Forum not refreshing

    Once again, thanks all for your effort in maintaining the site! And for dealing with the issues that we have because we have nothing else better to do... Had an issue posting a thread today, after hitting post I get a '404' style error page saying page cannot be reached, server not responding. So I hit back and post again, and create a duplicate. I found that both actually posted. Edit: I also get this error after I post in a thread: